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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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tram from here.
Listen, let's go to my place.
- And where do you live?
- Not far from here. lt's Ordynka street.
Well done. lt's a nice place.
Let's go, shall we?
They'll never let you have...
...a good night's sleep in the hostel.
lt's noisy all the night through there.
lf l had a chance, l would surely...
...sleep some 30 hours
in spite of any noise.
- By the way, have you got a shower?
- l have, but the water is cold
l don't give a damn. The water has been
out in the hostel for a week already.
ls there anyone else
living at your place?
No. And l'll let you sleep
on a nice sofa.
- Let's go, shall we?
- Yes.
Well, let's go.
l wish l had some cigarettes.
- Hi, soldier.
- Hello.
- Have you got a cigarette?
- Sure.
Can l have one, please?
Wow, a trophy of war.
No, these are from allies.
Why are you sitting here?
Have you got no place
to stay at night?
Let's go to my apartment.
There's enough room for everyone there.
Thanks. l've got one day
to spend in Moscow.
l want to see the city.
l saw Berlin and Warsaw
but l have never been to Moscow.
- Do you like it?
- lt's a nice city.
High and huge.
- Well, see you then, soldier.
- Thanks, again.
He's got an accordion.
Good bye.
- All the best to you.
- Good bye.
- Well, we could not seize him... - Hush
or the neighbours would make a fuss.
Come in.
Wow, what a mansion.
lt's a real mansion of a landlord.
Well, it's nice.
l tell you it's great.
Well, Sharapov, l'll stay here
for a week.
lt's 10 minutes on foot
from our office.
And it's so stupid to waste
an hour and a half...
...to get there from my hostel, right?
Who is he, your dad?
Well, deal, Sharapov?
- Sharapov?
- Deal.
All right.
Listen, Gleb, why do you succeed
in everything no matter what you try?
l wish l could do it as well.
You should learn to work
with witnesses.
- With witnesses? Why?
- Of course.
Because even if the plans of
a criminal are absolutely secret,
...there is always some little man
who heard something...
...saw something, knows something,
...remembers or suspects someone.
And you have to get
this information out of him.
Gleb, and why can you...
...get this info out of a witness,
and, say, Kolya Taraskin can't?
Because Kolya Taraskin is too young.
And besides Kolya Taraskin
doesn't know...
...the 6 rules of Gleb Zheglov.
All right, l'll tell you.
Well, Rule 1.
Keep it in mind.
l won't repeat them.
Learn these rules by heart
like an army drill manual.
Speaking with the people,
...you should smile, got it?
They like it.
And if an operative can't penetrate
into the soul of a witness...
...he gets his rations
all for nothing.
- Got it?
- Yes.
Well, and now Rule 2.
You should be kind to the people...
...and try to induce them
to talk about themselves.
- And how can l do it?
- How can you do it?
You should use Rule 3.
Find a subject he is interested in.
lt's not easy if he's
a complete stranger.
And then you should use Rule 4,
which reads:
Take a real interest in a witness.
Try to understand him,
learn his priorities.
Of course it's difficult.
You will sweat over doing this.
But in case you manage
he will tell you everything.
Well, Senka Tuzik, for instance.
He assembled crystal receivers.
And l..Thanks.
l gave him some induction coils.
lt's all right with the boots.
And in return he..
ln return for this..
ln return for this he..
Shot in the head. You may begin.
Taraskin, get some witnesses!
Then ask the neighbours. They
may have seen or heard something.
Don't touch anything!
Larochka was so talented.
She dreamt of becoming an actress.
So she went to the drama theater
to work as a costumier.
She took drama lessons
in her spare time.
She learnt all the parts by heart.
- And so...
- Have you seen her long ago?
- What do you do, Nadya?
- Why do you want to know?
- l am a ticket collector in the metro.
- Do you get tired?
- Yes.
- You
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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