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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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...alias lzolda Menshova,
...alias Valentina Poneyad. Right?
- Exactly.
A pimp, a thief,
...4 convictions,
...she's got a tattoo on her left arm -
a dove and three letters ANA.
- Right.
- Fox could fall for this one.
You know, Sharapov, l'm sick of them.
- Let's take a break.
- OK.
What an ugly mug you are, Volodya!
You look terrible.
Yerofeyeva Anna lvanovna.
Who is she? Why don't l know her?
- City!
- 28 years old, her maiden name is...
She's got a birthmark on her cheek.
Varenka, it's me.
Zheglov was polite to go out.
We can't meet today.
No, l am not tired.
Last time l didn't say
what l wanted to tell you.
No, not over the phone.
l need to look into your eyes.
Tomorrow? l don't know.
l don't know.
l don't know, Varya.
Sharapov, here are the girls
from the railway public catering.
All of them are Anyas. Do you
remember, Volokushina said that...
...Anya works in a dining car?
- Remember them.
- Anna Lvova, a waiter, 40 years old.
She's hardly the one we need.
Anna Dudoreva, a peddler,
22 years old.
Anna Dyachkova, a manager,
28 years old.
- Anna Skulova, a dishwasher.
- Where did you do the time, Volodya?
At Kolyma river.
A ''Happy'' gold mine.
l panned gold there.
- What did they bust you for?
- For nothing.
- Just like the others. And still?
- ln 1943...
...l got the second wound at the Dnepr
river and was transferred to reserve.
l got the second type of disablement.
l recovered a little...
...and got a job of a truck driver,
here in Moscow.
Once some lieutenant waved me down
at the Byelorusskiy railway station.
He said: ''Do you want to earn a little
money?'' Well, of course, l do.
So we went to the ''Badayev'' brewery.
They loaded several kegs
of beer in my truck.
l brought them to the Krasnaya Presnya st.
l even helped them to unload the kegs.
And a week later cops
came to my place.
They brought me to jail.
- They took me by the horns and
put me in the stall. - Well.
They asked me: ''And where did you
hide the beer that you stole...
...with your accomplice?''
l said: ''What accomplice?''
''You got the beer
using fake invoices...
...as if for the headquarters
of the regional military formation''.
l tried to convince them
that l didn't know a thing.
l remembered that lieutenant.
He was tall and wore short moustache.
- And his face was burnt.
- Well?
They gave me 4 years of prison.
That's it.
But you are innocent, aren't you?
- Yes, l am!
- An innocent man.
When l told Fox about it, he stayed
at his plank bed for 3 days.
He was laughing at me.
Fox knows this lieutenant.
And he's no lieutenant.
- He's a swindler. And his nickname is...
- The Burnt.
- The Burnt!
- That won't do!
- What won't do?
- Everything we created.
This story won't do.
- But why?
- Because l say so. Look at yourself.
You are no driver and no criminal.
Anyone can see that you studied
in school for 10 years.
- Well, Gleb, you know... - lt's not
my whim. They cracked Vasya Vekshin.
And Vasya Vekshin was not a novice.
He investigated 9 murders
and robberies.
He busted Yashka the Sharp.
- Gleb, what shall we do?
- Nothing!
Pankov is right. And l won't
take a sin on my soul.
You can't go to their den.
- Gleb, but l...
- Listen to me attentively.
You meet her, give her the letter,
get an answer and leave.
Clear? They will follow you.
You'll go to the Yaroslavskiy railway
station and get on a suburban train.
Our guys will cover you.
- Gleb, but l...
- That's it!
l say so.
Did you want to see me?Vladimir Konkin as Sharapov
Where is your Chinese
by the name of Lea?
You seemed to be in love
with a handsome Portuguese man.
Or did you go with a Malayan to sea?
Vladimir Visotskiy as Zheglov
Let's write it down. You are no thief.
You killed the woman.
- You prepared in advance.
- What are you talking about?
You, settle down!
The age of mercy.
A woman was murdered. And
the criminal is
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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