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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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this case.
Come on, Gleb.
They are no spies, are they?
Just criminals, gangsters.
They got this phone by chance.
OK. Don't get distracted, Volodya.
l'll tell her that l'm a criminal.
l'll explain why they let me go.
l made friends with Fox in the cell.
l'll give her the letter
and say that...
...Fox wanted me to tell their
leader everything else.
- Right.
- She'll bring me to their den.
There are no criminals who know me.
According to Fox's order
l set the date for the operation.
We'll discuss the details later. Now
we need to take a decision to do it.
And during this operation
we shall bust them all.
lt's a good idea about Anya.
We shall try to lure her out.
Damn it, l wish l could go there.
But it's impossible.
They'll learn everything at once.
- Every dog knows me by sight.
- You are out of the question.
Come on, Gleb. We need a decision.
Time is money. lf we don't do it now,
...we'll never get such
a good chance again.
Hello. Get me Pankov.
He's out...
- Speaking.
- Hello, old woman!
Call Anya, please.
And where can l find her?
She is out.
Tell me what you want.
l'll tell her everything.
Listen to me attentively.
Do what you want, but find her.
And tell her, a messenger from
Fox called. l've got some news.
No, l won't call you again. l can't!
OK. lt's too late today.
Tomorrow at 4 o'clock l'll be
waiting for her at Tretyakov alley...
...near the Metropol.
l'm not very tall.
l'll wear a black overcoat...
...and a gray cap.
l'll have an ''Ogonyok''
magazine in my hand.
She'll see me if she wants to.
l don't have time to call you.
Because l am a guest here.
l've got little time.
Did you understand it?
Well, bye, old woman.
You were good and calm.
That's the way to do it.
- Are you afraid?
- How can l put it?
Almost every time l went
over the frontline...
...l was afraid.
And now with this scum...
lt's a shame to be afraid of them.
- You are right.
- You've got the right idea, Sharapov.
A gangster wears many masks.
For example, your friend Fox.
You shouldn't be afraid of them,
...but you should watch out for them.
lt's good for our business.
- OK, dismissed.
- Let's go.
Zheglov, stay.
l'm listening to you.
l see this fire in your eyes.
Keep in mind:
Vekshin is quite enough for us.
You don't go to their den.
And no improvisations, right?
Not exactly, comrade
lieutenant colonel.
On the one hand,
you tell us: ''Come on''.
''Why are they still free?''
And on the other hand
you restrict any initiative.
lmprovisation, and not initiative.
- Yes, l get it. - But you should
always consider the situation.
You've got a head to think it over.
- l get it.
- Zheglov!
You must inform me...
...on all the changes in the course
of the operation. - Yes.
Yerofeyeva Anna lvanovna.
28 years old, a swindler.
...diamond-looking pieces
of glass etc.
Kachalkina Anna,
...born in 1917,
...a fence for stolen goods.
Adeberlenova Neyad, born in 1913,
...a drug dealer, cannabis.
OK. Natalya Kostryuk,
Nadezhda Semyonova,
...lvleva Anastasia, Anna Novikova.
Born in 1921, a thief,
works on confidence.
She's beautiful.
Remember her.
She's got a razor scar on her neck.
Let's go on.
Let's do.
Lvova Anna Vladimirovna.
Born in 1921, a thief,
works on confidence.
Shumakova Anna Borisovna.
Born in 1922, a thief.
She's so small, like an 8 year old boy.
She used a window to enter a house.
- Who?
- Household thefts.
Barkova Anna Lvovna.
l don't know her. Born in 1920.
She's blonde.
Rozdestvenskaya Anna Vladimirovna.
Born in 1919, she's got red hair.
She often goes to restaurants
with different men.
She uses Streptocid to tint her hair.
Loginova Anna lvanovna.
Born in 1914.
She's tall, squint-eyed,
...a wife of Yegunov,
...executed for an armed robbery
of a money collector.
And his murder.
Manya... Check it up.
...alias Anna Yefidorenko,
...alias Ella Katznelbogen,
...alias Anna
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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