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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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talk about here.
There is a lot to talk about here.
l am a superior officer.
And l'd like to apologize
for myself...
...and for my comrades.
We were wrong, suspecting you.
We are sorry.
Believe, someone...
...will be punished for it.
Thank you.
We'd like to ask you
not to punish anyone...
...for us.
Good bye, comrade Zheltovskaya!
Thank you.
- l wish you happiness.
- Good bye.
Let's go.
Let's go.
l'll be right here.
l want to tell you something.
l am sorry for being straight.
But this Zheglov is bad.
l'm saying this not because
he did it to me...
He thinks people are rubbish.
Don't say so, lvan Sergeyevich.
Listen to me.
l'm grateful to you and
l'm older than you are.
He can step over anybody.
He'd step over you if he had to.
You are leaving with a hard feeling,
lvan Sergeyevich.
Now you are trying...
...to condemn him.
And you don't know...
...that you can go free now...
...because 2 hours ago Zheglov
risked his life...
...under the gangster's bullets.
Well, good bye.
Let me have a look.
Give me your handkerchief.
Ye. F.
lt's beautiful.
There is your fingerprint
on this bottle...
...we found in the apartment
of the deceased.
lt doesn't prove a thing, chief.
Yes, l remember,
Larisa and l drank wine
But it was at Easter.
- We'll check it up.
- Come on, do it.
We found a letter with the threats
to Larisa Gruzdeva.
One more discrepancy, chief.
lt's not my handwriting.
Not yours. Of course,
it's evidence against you.
Experts graphologists will find out.
All right, find out.
l shall read some sentences
from this book.
And you put them down.
Try to make no mistakes.
- We'll see who makes more mistakes.
- OK, OK.
Write it down.
''Leo Kassil''.
A new paragraph.
- ''What does it mean ''there is
no biography?'' - Don't rush it.
l'm not a typewriter.
''My dear, it's not a biography
that constitutes a man...
...but vice versa''.
Did you write it?
A new paragraph again.
''A.S. Pushkin''. A new paragraph.
''l saw three czars''.
''The first one told his man
to take my cap and reproved...
...reproved my nanny''.
- Did you write it?
- Yes, l did.
''The second one was not kind to me''.
''The third one made me
a chamber page''.
''But l don't want to change him
for another one''.
''Leave well enough alone''.
And one more. A new paragraph.
''Speranskiy L. A.''
A new paragraph.
''The weather is stormy here''.
''We think we may sink down''.
''Our friend got ill and retired''.
Did you write it?
''l send my best regards
with him, Anyuta''.
''Be kind to him''.
''He brought good news.
Give him clothes, shoes and food''.
''Forever your friend''.
Did you write it? Now the date
and your signature.
Speranskiy... Speranskiy...
Who is this Speranskiy?
Never heard of him.
Leo Alexandrovich.
He's a great novelist.
- A contemporary one?
- Yes, sure.
He writes excellent novels.
Give it to me! Bastard!
- Popov!
- All right, all right!
Enough, chief!
Let go! lt hurts!
Without any records, Sharapov.
l'll tell you some words.
You are very sly, cops,
with all your tricks.
But bear in mind...
...we've got enough knives
for all of you.
You'll get them all, like that time,
at the boulevard.
Bye-bye, take care, Sharapov!
Best regards to your faithful
dog - Senya Tuzik!
l send my best regards
with him, Anyuta.
Be kind to him.
He brought good news.
Give him clothes, shoes and food.
Forever your friend.
You look great, Sharapov.
Now we can call Anya.
We found her number in the Pickpen's
phone book.Have you checked the number?
Yes, it's a liaison.
Some nice little
old lady lives there.
- She has never seen any Anya.
- But still Anya calls her.
- Probably. - Then we shall ask
the lady to tell Anya...
...that we'd like to meet her.
Because Fox's life is at stake.
l think, she'll fall for this bait.
We don't know. They may have some
other way of communication...
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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