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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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fingerprints. Come on!
You are lucky today, citizens.
A lucky man can make
a rooster lay eggs.
And l'll make a bird
like lay eggs as well.
Go to the car!
People bled for this medal
And you killed them wearing it.
l wish l shot you there, sucker.
Come on!
Everything is ready. We may begin.
Sit down here.
These are witnesses.
Sit down there.
These are dummies.
Gruzdev's wife is here.
Hello. Come in.
Don't be nervous. Try to calm down.
Now in the presence of these people...
...you'll examine three young men.
Don't hurry. Be attentive.
lf you recognize anyone,
tell me about it.
Bear in mind that
you're responsible...
...for false testimony.
- But don't be nervous.
- l am calm, young man.
- l am calm.
- All right. Here they are.
Which one?
Here he is.
- So which one?
- At the bookcase.
What is his name? Where did you
meet him? When?
l don't know his name.
And we don't know each other.
He is a plumber from the housing
administration from Losynka.
Do you meet him often?
l saw him only once.
That unfortunate day when...
- lvan Sergeyevich...
- Calm down.
What happened that day?
He came to repair the water pipes.
- And you remember him, right?
- Right.
And what were you doing while
he was checking the pipes?
l was writing a report
at the verandah.
And then he went out of the kitchen
and said that everything was all right.
- Then he left. This is all.
- Right.
Everybody but Fox is free.
Thank you, citizen Zheltovskaya.
You may go.
Sergey lpatyevich, here he is...
...that notorious Fox.
He found a good driver.
Right, Sergey lpatyevich?
We took his fingerprints.
Volodya, do you remember a pike
that killed Vasya Vekshin?
The fingerprints we found on it match
the prints of the driver l shot.
Take him away.
l'd like to eat some hot soup...
...with pluck now.
Sharapov, would you mind
some hot soup with pluck?
l'd prefer cabbage soup.
- Would you? - Yes. But ''Astoria''
is far away from here.
And the canteen is closed till 7.
- Shall we do it in the morning?
- OK, in the morning.
Gleb, let's finish with Gruzdev.
Why? You'll send for him
in the morning and let him go.
l'm more interested in Fox now.
And l'm interested in Gruzdev.
Why, Volodya?
lt's late at night now.
Why should we wake him up?
l think that he would be happy
to wake up any time of the day.
Besides that his wife is still here.
You're still a calf, Volodya.
- There's no transport for them to get
home. - l think they will go on foot.
Let's finish it, Gleb.
And then we'll go home.
OK, do what you want.
- Hello. Get me Simakov!
- Simakov speaking.
Simakov? Sharapov speaking.
- Bring Gruzdev with his staff.
- What?
Bring Gruzdev with his staff here.
OK, you'll finish with Gruzdev...
...and l'll talk to Pankov
while he's here.
Gleb, do you want to say
good-bye to Gruzdev?
Why should l?
l think we should apologize to him.
What are you talking about, Volodya?
He'll kiss your hands.
He doesn't have to kiss our hands.
He was punished though not guilty.
Remember, Sharapov,
...there's no punishment
without guilt.
He had to clear the mess...
...with his women at once...
...and to take care of his guns.
So, there's no punishment...
...without guilt, Sharapov.
Come in.
For God's sake...
For God's sake tell me
what's going on?
lvan Sergeyevich is
absolutely innocent!
Don't be nervous.
Come in, please.
May l?
Stop it. Stop it, Galya.
Galya, stop it. Stop it.
Where shall l go? To the Butyrka
prison or...
lvan Sergeyevich.
Dear lvan Sergeyevich,
l'm very glad for you.
We found the true murderer.
You are free.
l congratulate you.
What happened to your face?
l had a dinner in ''Astoria''.
You may go, lvan Sergeyevich.
Sharapov, my dearest...
Thank you!
l believed in you... Galya!
- Yes. - l believed in him
from the very beginning.
My dear, if it were not for you...
- Galya, thank him.
- Thank you.
- lt happened so.
- There's nothing to
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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