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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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everything you taught me.
Let's do it.
- Yes?
- Sveta?
- Yes, it's me.
- Where is Petka?
Why are you crying, fool? What's up?
They busted Petenka.
Fox, my dear, help us.
What shall l do now?
And how did you survive it?
He was caught with the tally.
l got it.
Listen to me attentively.
Don't call me anymore.
l'll call you myself.
lf the cops get you, keep
silent as if you're dumb.
Then l'll help you.
lf you tell them anything,
...l'll cut off your tongue.
That's all!
- Where did he call from?
- OK, Sharapov.
He called from the lobby
of the ''Astoria'' restaurant.
Got it.
OK, brothers, this is public money.
Don't show off there.
Besides that we don't know
if he turns up today.
l won't give 100 rubles
each of you every day.
lt's impossible to show off
there with 100 rubles.
- What can we buy for 100 rubles?
- For 100 rubles?
A cup of coffee, a glass of dry wine,
...a bottle of lemonade.
But you've got nothing to do with it.
Kopytin and you will stay here.
- Look, Gleb, you know me...
- Stop talking!
Stop talking!
You'll cover us here.
No one knows what will happen there.
Got it?
OK, don't read the papers,
don't tell the rubles. Clear?
- Clear. All right.
- Does everyone know his position?
- What shall we do if we identify Fox?
- What shall we do?
We'll stay calm, Kolya.
We'll drink coffee
for all the 100 rubles...
...and wait till Fox finishes
his meals and drinks.
Till he goes home or to the toilet.
- Got it?
- Yes.
We should arrest him
in the cloakroom.
He is armed and can easily
shoot several people.
- Right?
- Right.
- And now let's go.
- And what if we don't identify him?
We shall.
There is a man here who'll
identify him for sure.
Follow Taraskin. We'll wait a little.
- Well good luck!
- Go to hell.
God help us.
Good evening. Welcome.
l haven't been here for ages.
What would you like to drink?
Vodka, cognac,
...sweet liqueur, champagne?
Give me the menu, please.
They've got menus in the dining hall.
And we have this...
A price list.
A cup of coffee, please, and the...
ls that all?
That's all for now.
And then we'll see.
Would you like something else,
young man?
One more cup of coffee, please.
l'll stay here long. Very long.
What would you like?
- Good evening. Would you like anything?
- No. Thanks.
- Some chocolate, cigarettes.
- l don't smoke.
Here is ''Ptifur'' cookies.
Your girl-friend will like it.
Thank you. No.
Buy some muscatel. They
don't sell it in the bar.
Look, get out of here
with your cart!
What a rude fellow!
And he's well dressed...
Nura, look at him!
- Mariana!
- Evgeniy Petrovich!
- Come here.
- Good evening.
What would you like?
- Shall we dance?
- No. l can't. We are not allowed.
- The final dance.
- No, no. l can't.
l can't. We are not allowed. l can't.
Get out of my way! Criminal Police!
- Halt! Halt!
- Gleb!
Kopytin, come on! He'll escape!
A car was waiting for him! Come on!
Taraskin, jump!
Tell them to raise alarm
around the city. Clear?
Where? Where are you going?!
You are a chief in your office, Gleb
Yegorovich. And l am in charge here!
We shall lose him, Kopytin!
We'll never lose him!
He can't escape.
Here he is!
Kopytin, my dear,
don't fall behind him!
l can't race him, Gleb Yegorovich.
His engine is thrice
more powerful than mine.
Gleb Yegorovich, my tires
will burst in a little while.
- l told you many times...
- Come on! Come on, old man!
lt's not the best time now.
We'll talk it over later.
He's heading for Sokolniki!
He can easily hide there.
Shoot him, Gleb!
What are you waiting for?
Pasyuk, Vanya! Hold me!
- How shall l hold you?
- Tenderly!
Gleb Yegorovich, shoot him!
Shoot, Gleb Yegorovich,
or they'll escape.
You still haven't calmed down,
have you?
l showed you the way
you should shoot.
Climb out. l don't want
to wet my feet.
Pull out the corpse of his driver
and take his
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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