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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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..the testimony of the neighbour, but
we did not build the version on it.
l am sorry. lt undermines
our conclusions...
...and not the testimony of the
neighbour. - Why, Volodya?
Because Gruzdev told us from the very
beginning that he met Lipatnikov at 4.
- He could not know the testimony
of the neighbour. - Damn this testimony!
- We can manage without it.
- We haven't managed until now.
Gleb, it was you who told me
about Gruzdev's reserved character.
You worked out a theory.
lf he conceals something...
Look here, eagle!
You'd better be an attorney
and not a detective.
lnstead of proving his guilt,
...you try to save the criminal
from the punishment.
Gleb, why say this? l just
want the punishment...
...to be really legal.
- And l don't want it, do l?
But you've got nothing
against Gruzdev.
You convinced yourself of his guilt
and don't want to give it up?
- But why should l give it up?
- Because we've got facts!
- What facts?
- Listen to me and try to stay cool.
l thought a lot after
our talk with Gruzdev.
And Fox... They've got
nothing in common.
l can't imagine 2 absolutely
different people...
...can come to some agreement.
There are many things
you can't imagine.
Don't bully me, Gleb! Listen to me.
Sobolevskaya helped me to understand
something important.
Fox knew Larisa and Gruzdev
has nothing to do with it.
They had a real love affair.
- At least Larisa thought so.
- Well, come on, come on.
When l learnt about
the second match...
...something clicked in my head.
Look here!
Now all the pieces come together.
- The bullet was not typical.
- Right.
- The fingerprints on the bottle
don't belong to him. - Come on...
- Neither do the toothmarks
on the chocolate. - Well, yes...
And they could meet
at 4 and not at 7.
We've got the only evidence left.
That is the gun.
This gun, Volodya, would outweigh
100 000 other proofs.
l understood that the criminal
could think just the same.
That's why l went to Gruzdev's place.
l spoke with his landlady
and his wife...
...and learnt what happened
on the 20-th and 21-st this month.
- Every minute of every day.
- Tell me.
On the 21-st about 11 o'clock
in the morning...
...some plumber came
to check the water pipes.
- Right.
- He stayed for about 20 minutes there.
He was tall, handsome, black-haired.
- They saw a uniform under his raincoat.
- Go on, go on.
But there is no plumber like this...
...in the administration
of the village.
We have to set Gruzdev free!
Any questions, comrade chief?
Suppose, Gruzdev's wife wants to cover
her husband. Then even under oath...
...she'll tell the court that
it was you who planted the gun,
...and besides that she'll tell us
what Father Varlaam talked...
...with Grishka the lmposter about
on the border with Lithuania.
They could work with the landlady.
They could frighten her.
- They are not witnesses.
- And who is then?
He's the one and the only witness.
The witness of all the times
and all the people, as they say.
We'll bust him and then...
- But you know that Gruzdev is innocent!
- Suppose you're right.
But we can't let him go.
Because the killer will understand
that Gruzdev is not a suspect anymore.
He'll hide and what shall we do?
But does Gruzdev have to stay
in jail because of some gangster?
Every day in jail is worth
10 years of freedom for him!
Look here, Sharapov! Stop whining!
lt's Criminal Police here...
...and not the college
for noble damsels.
A woman was murdered.
And the criminal is still free.
- And he has to be in jail.
- But Gruzdev...
He'll stay in jail!
l say so.
Until l find the real murderer.
And then, lieutenant Sharapov,
...l am responsible
for this operation.
So would you be so kind
to obey a superior officer?
- Yes, comrade captain.
- Good.
l'm asking for permission to talk
with lieutenant colonel Pankov.
Where have you come here from?
Do you remember everything, Svetlana?
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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