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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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decided to commit a crime.
Then why would l load a gun...
...with a non-typical bullet
if l've got a box of genuine ones?
ln the very crucial moment
the gun could jam...
...or malfunction.
Where is your common sense?
Tell me!
You can't, can you?
Then l'll tell you. The real
murderer did not know...
...where l kept the genuine bullets.
And he loaded the gun...
...with the first one he found,
which fitted the weapon.
How could you miss it? lt's obvious.
- ls it?
- Suppose, you are right.
Then how can you explain that we found
the gun in your new apartment?
That's it! That is the problem.
You kill me with this
question on the spot.
- Sit down.
- OK.
But we can find an answer to this question
as well. l told you: l don't know.
l don't know!
- You should look for the answer. lt's your
business. - And we're looking for it.
And we have already found something.
That's why comrade Zheglov
asked you about Fox.
l don't know any Fox.
l told you about it.
lf l knew him, l would tell you
everything. l think...
...you found some Larisa's belongings
at this place. Right?
You didn't hit the bull's eye.
But as we said on the front line...
...you chose the right direction.
l long for a smoke.
You consider the testimony
of my neighbour Lipatnikov...
...a strong evidence against me. He told
you that he ran across me in the stairs.
But l'm telling you once again:
he met me...
...at 4 o'clock and not at 7.
And l didn't see Larisa.
That's why l left her a note.
l don't know how to prove it.
Help me.
Why do you think that Lipatnikov
tells you the truth and l lie?
You believe him unconditionally
and you don't believe me at all.
Your neighbour takes no interest
in this case.
Suppose you're right.
But he's a human being.
People make mistakes.
lt's Latin.
Ask other neighbours.
Check up his clock.
Maybe... maybe they stopped.
Though he said that...
They could malfunction.
But do something.
Do something!
You should be more active.
Ask my wife once again.
Compare her testimony
against the words of our landlady.
You should understand...
...just a couple of words
can solve the mystery...
...or become fatal.
This unfortunate ''Bayard''
is the main evidence against me...
...And it's really a deadly one.
Suppose, l didn't commit the crime.
Then someone planted it...
...on me.
Most probably, the murderer.
But then l should know him, right?
There was a Chinese sage by the name
of Confucius. He used to say:
...lt's so hard to look for
a black cat in a dark room...
...particularly if there's none there.
lt seems that someone
deliberately confused me...
...with this evidence.
You know,
...l have always thought that
l am not stupid and quite practical.
But l can't chase the shadows,
...staying here, in jail.
l can't look for a black cat
in a dark room.
And l'll never get out of here.
Look, Sharapov.
l know you are a good guy.
You are the only one who can save me.
Find the true murderer.
l'm asking you.
l'm begging you. Find him.
You'll manage, l know.
lf you fail to find him,
you'll be a murderer yourself.
You'll kill an innocent man.
Sharapov, find him.
lf they convict me, find him.
You should save my reputation
if not my life.
- Gleb!
- Well, dig it up then...
Listen to me.
Do you remember, Gruzdev's neighbour could
not tell us the exact time of their meeting?
And we referred to the
football match, right?
Hello! l'll be out of the office
for 5 minutes. Zheglov.
And he could not remember
who played that day, right?
He said that he was no football fan.
- Hello!
- Will you listen to me?
- Do you remember it?
- Why harp on the same string?
Stop beating about the bush.
l want you to remember all the details.
l went to the radio station.
They told me that there was
one more football match that day.
''Zenit'' - ''Spartak''.
The broadcast was over at 4.
Just imagine, at 4!
lt changes everything! Here is
the report. lt undermines...
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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