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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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...of the person who left
the toothmarks on the chocolate.
Besides that, his incisors
are twisted.
There is nothing like that
in the comparative moulds.
But Larisa set the table for two.
l don't care. l need pure facts...
...without any inclusions.
We have also got the following:
there are fingerprints left
on the bottle of wine.
That's it.
These fingerprints do not belong
to Gruzdev...
...or Gruzdeva,
...but to some other person.
Some other person again.
l think you should meet him.
Sharapov, Zheglov wants to see you!
Gruzdev has volunteered
for an interrogation.
Bring him in!
That's it! The ice is broken.
He'll confess now.
Sit down, Sharapov, and watch it.
lvan Sergeyevich.
Sit down.
The officer on duty said you
wanted to talk to me. Right?
- Sit down.
- Yes, l did.
lt doesn't matter if l talk
to you or to someone else.
Though you are the last person
l'd like to talk to.
Why are you saying this,
lvan Sergeyevich?
Did l hurt you somehow? All of us
work for a common cause here.
Me, Sharapov, and the investigator.
Look, you...
Cut off this idle talk of yours!
Don't tell me that
you are working here!
No! You don't do a thing!
You keep an innocent man in jail!
Do we?
And l thought...
...your conscience tormented you.
You decided to purge yourself
of your sin.
And you still stand
your ground, don't you?
Don't you dare!
Son of a bitch!
l am an old man.
l'm a Soviet citizen.
l'll complain about you.
But it does not matter
how l address you.
The point is just the same.
And still l don't want
to talk with you anymore.
And l do!
l want to know...
...about your accomplice
to the murder - Fox!
l want to run a competition
and to see...
...which of you will tell us
more about the other.
According to your testimony
the court will decide...
...who is an accomplice and who is
an initiator of the crime.
Do you follow me?
l know this method pretty well.
l read about it in the books.
One investigator is rude and mean,
...and the other one
is kind and polite.
Naturally a man is drawn...
...to a kind investigator.
l understand that
l am too naive, but...
l am asking you to leave.
Please, leave us alone.
l'll talk to him.
Sharapov is a novice here,
but he is persistent.
l don't mind it.
But remember:
...only frank confession
and sincere repentance...
...can save your life.
And tell us about Fox!
Until it's too late.
You should not say so, lvan Sergeyevich.
You don't know Zheglov.
l am a beginner in the criminal police.
l've got too little experience.
But you know what?
When l was in command of a scout
company in the front...
...l often sent a fresh man
to our observer.
The observer reported what he saw...
...and the fresh man
checked it all up.
Sometimes it was very useful.
After the whole day
of tense observation...
...the eyes of the man
lost their sharpness.
Sometimes he saw the things
that never existed...
...and fail to notice something new.
Do you understand me?
Zheglov's eyes could also
lose their sharpness.
Besides that you just
can't get along.
You brawl and fight!
You should understand me. l'm not going
to make a scapegoat out of you.
lf you are guilty, answer
in accordance with the law.
lf you are not, go in peace.
But l want to get into this case.
Understand? l want to get into it.
But you don't believe
a single word of mine.
...and you should not believe us.
Let us be guided by facts...
...and common sense.
- Common sense?
- Let's try.
- Let's do.
- Come on!
- Come on!
Then l've got a question to you.
This is the reason l am here.
l'm listening to you.
The experts found out...
...that the bullet, shot out
of my gun was not a typical one.
- Am l right?
- Yes, you are.
During the examination in your presence
they found a box...
...of genuine ''Bayard'' bullets
in my wardrobe...
...at Larisa's place.
You are a military man. Tell me.
Suppose l
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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