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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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lt's OK. The war is over.
We'll never starve to death.
We'll survive the winter together.
- Sharapov, where are our coupons?
- l don't know where you stuck them.
Here they are. Take them!
Well, half of the kids
will have some food. Now...
Let me through, people!
- Here it is! Take it!
- No!
- Gleb, l won't take it.
- Shura, you've got kids to feed.
We'll need soldiers in future.
The Age of Mercy, Mikhail Mikhailovich,
is yet far away from now, right?
Gleb, guys, l'll repay you
for your kindness.
- l'll do your washing, l'll clean up
your room. - Alexandra!
l don't want to hear any
of this anymore. Got it?
What are you waiting for, Sharapov?
Boil the kettle. l am late.
Just a minute!
Where are you now? Who's fondling...
...you like l was?
Where is your Chinese...
Sharapov, it's my home suit,
sort of pajamas.
Because l have never put it on
and probably l'll never have to do it.
- lt becomes you!
- Where is your Chinese...
..by the name of Lea?
You seemed to be in love
With a handsome Portuguese man.
Or did you go with a Malayan to sea?
Think it over, Sharapov.
We've got nothing to eat this month.
Look, Pasyuk boasted of lard
his relatives sent him from the village.
Kopytin will give us some sauerkraut.
You drove your car
along the darkest road,
Or maybe in the dens
of San-Francisco...
We'll work it out.
...Some jet-black man...
...has helped you
...with your coat.
We'll sell some uniform.
All right... Sharapov,
l won't have tea.
l am already late. So...
- See you in the clubhouse.
- OK.
Hello. Katya, meet...
...Pavel lvanovich.
Comrade Mamykin.
- Kolya, hello.
- Nice to meet you.
And here is comrade Grisha, ''6x9''.
- Sharapov!
- Coming!
They nicknamed me
after that incident.
l'd like to tell you about it.
lt's very interesting.
Well, some man came to me once
and he told me that...
Senior lieutenant Sharapov
reports for duty.
Sharapov! Where has this
handsome man come from?
- What a great iconostasis!
- Why are you blushing?
- l am pleased.
- And you never told us about it.
- Katya, he's my best...
- Glad to meet you.
l'm Vladimir. Alexander lvanovich,
my congratulations on the holiday.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
Look, Lyuba, these are
the eagles l train.
Sharapov! When you get the same awards
for your work in the Criminal Police,
...you'll say that your
life was worth it.
Look, Sharapov! l'll write an article
about you in our office newspaper.
- Right, Grisha.
- With a picture of 6x9 or 9x12.
She's not here yet, Volodya.
Sorry. l'll be right back.
- Did you see it?
- Yes, we did...
Good evening!
Well done, Sharapov. l see
your military bearing.
Our lumps are no match to you. You
could put two fists under their belts.
- How is your service going on?
- There is nothing to be proud of yet.
lt's just a beginning.
Zheglov is satisfied with your work.
While our people bled...
...fighting for the great Socialist
achievements, for our Motherland,
...the criminal waste
woke up in the rear.
They established their gangs.
They got their dens. Profiteers went
to live on our necessities.
And now the terrible war is over...
...but this gangster swamp
is still active.
The gangsters have got lots
of captured weapons.
They know that at this moment...
...we don't have enough people
to crush them...
...once and for all. And they use it.
Many our comrades perished
at the battlefields.
We don't have enough
experienced officers.
That is why we rest our hopes
upon the fresh forces,
...upon the people who come back...
...from the war!
We hope for their boldness,
...for their selflessness,
...for their war resourcefulness...
...and keen eyes.
l asked 2 experienced dentists...
...to get the moulds of the toothmarks
left on the chocolate bar.
We compared the moulds of Gruzdev's
and Larisa's teeth with this specimen.
- And?
- Here you are.
There is evident space between
the lower central
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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