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And l am Varvara.
The age of mercy.
l didn't kill her!
l did not do it!
l did not! l am telling you!
Screenplay by Vayner brothers.
- Hello.
- Your lD, comrade.
My lD? My lD is all right, citizens.
Damn you, bastard!
You sold out all of us,
including those who died but...
...never got scared of the gangster's
bullet. You sold us out!
Now the gangsters will think that they can
scare a man from Moscow Criminal Police.
Directed by Stanislav Govorukhin
You often meet Fox, don't you?
When did you meet him last time?
lt was 5 or 6 days ago.
- Where?
- ln the ''Astoria'' restaurant.
You'll have to go to ''Astoria''
with us to identify him.
- Who do you think l am?
- You know the man...
...we suspect of a murder.
The murder of your friend, by the way.
lt's very bad. A tribunal
is quite possible.
Can we tell the authorities
who is reading it now?
- What shall l do, Gleb?
- l don't know! Think about it!
Here it is... Your case...
Gleb! Where did you find it, Gleb?
Where did l find it?
lt's not a lost property office here.
l took it to register
with the training group.
You, bastard!
Besides that l taught you a lesson. You'll
never leave a case on the table again.
l'm going out of my mind. l may as
well go and hang, and you are playing...
...such dirty tricks on me.
- Don't be that nervous, Volodya.
- You've got your lesson.
- My lesson?
l am no milksop to you.
l do understand the words, don't l?
l am a war officer! While you
stayed here, in the rear, l...
...went behind the front
line for 22 times!
And you are teaching me these lessons.
What a bustard you are, Zheglov.
And l thought you are a worthy man.
l don't want to know you anymore.
Get the hell out of my room today!
- Get the hell out of it!
- Well, OK.
l should never tell you these words.
Women are fond of strong
and resolute men.
But you are the only person
l can talk to.
Do you really know
what men women love?
Varya, l can't get used to it.
People are chasing and busting each other,
they are shooting, whores are laughing...
l don't know if l am right or wrong.
Volodya, was it easier in the war?
Everything was clear in the war:
the enemy was behind the front line.
And this damn work makes me
doubt myself.
You are young. You are very tired.
And you doubt yourself because
you are only a beginner.
You can't prove yourself.
Believe me. Women can feel it.
They need you more than Zheglov
at your place.
Uncle Slava!
Varya! Varyukha!
You are a grown-up! Your friend?
- How are my people getting on?
- l'll tell them.
- They'll be so happy!
- Wait! l'll do it myself.
Uncle Slava, they switched on
the elevator today.
lt's OK.
lt's so good to be home.
Varyukha! My brother has
come back from the war!
He's alive! Hurray!
My brother has come back
from the war!
He's alive!
l was not very nice...
...with Zheglov.
l told him to get out.
No doubt, it was a dirty trick
he played on me.
Suppose, l was hurt. And so?
l can find a place to spend the night.
lt's not that difficult, right?
But l invited a homeless man.
Then l got angry and sent him out.
l can't call him back.
He would think that l'm trying
to lick his boots.
What do you think?
What shall l do?
Turn off the light, Sharapov!
You never give me any rest.
Neither at day nor at night.
Why are you yelling?
What's up, Shura?
- Have you done something wrong again?
- Get out of here...
What's the reason for the noise
as nobody fights? What's up?
Tell me what happened.
Wait. Shura. Give it to me...
Wait. Well?
They stole my coupons!
All my food coupons.
Calm down! You frighten the kids.
The month has just begun!
And they stole all my food coupons!
- How can we survive it? My kids will die.
- The gangster never feels sorry for you.
l'll find the thief!
And l'll find your food coupons!
l shall do it!
Gleb, my dearest,
where can you find him?
What a gangster mug he is!
My kids are so thin and
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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