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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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And how will you spend the money?
When you have got money,
you'll find a way to spend it.
No, Petyunya, tell us.
You know, you should approach it
seriously. l'd better think it over.
- For example, Fedya Melnikov.
- From the guards regiment...
Yes, he won a ''ZlL-401'' car
before the war.
- And so?
- He did a good thing.
He though it impossible
to have a personal car
in those hard times.
- Well... - Well, he donated it
to the Defense Assistance Society.
That's it.
The war is already over.
The state has arranged this lottery
to make the life of the people easier.
We suffered a lot during the war.
OK, comrade Zheglov.
And the Defense Assistance
society is long gone.
So, comrade Zheglov, you and l are smart
people and should understand it.
No, Solovyev, it's you who are smart.
And l was just passing by.
Operative lnvestigator
Sharapov speaking.
Yes, l can hear you.
What instructions
are you waiting for?
Catch the bastards red-handed
and that's it.
Hello! Operator, 37 department,
Hello! Sharapov from
Moscow Criminal Police.
lt's about that gold.
Don't you rush it...
You'd better not do it offhand.
l am just a novice here.
Well, don't rush it.
We might do something wrong.
l'll go and ask advice
from my colleagues.
Don't hang up. You hear me?
Don't try to make me pity you.
When you come to the restaurant
behave yourself.
And what were you doing?
You were shooting eyes at people,
making advances.
And then they started fighting over you,
broke the window, turned everything...
...upside down. You'd better go to school
not to the restaurants, Kuzina!
Taraskin, can l speak with you?
Kuzina, wait outside.
Workers found a jar with golden coins
in the wall and took them home.
l ordered to detain them.
All right.
The treasure...
...hidden in the ground
or in the wall...
...belongs solely
to the state.
lts misappropriation is illegal.
So you were right.
Kuzina, come in! Kuzina!
On fire?
A wooden one?
A heavy fire?
You think it will burn down
before we arrive?
Until it's no criminal act,
we have nothing to do with it.
May brave fire brigade
work there.
lt was a great idea
to split the directorate.
One department would fight gangsters,
the other one - pickpockets.
But they keep on flooding us
with some petty things.
And we've got no time
to think about real crimes.
Though we still work in the GFD - the
Gangsters Fighting Department, don't we?
Well, you see what
we have to do instead.
Have you studied all these books?
Well, more or less.
Justice demands accuracy, my dear.
Any wrong interpretation of the law
twists somebody's life.
- Wow.
- What did you graduate from?
Me? From a 9 year school
and 3 corridors of this building.
You study a lot quicker
investigating real criminal cases.
Hi, Petyunya,
wasting your time again?
Where did you get
this great sugar, Petyunya?
l don't remember it in our rations.
Well, confess, where
did you get the sugar?
Stop nagging me.
My sister-in-law sent it from Kokand.
- Oh...
- You are so pesky, Zheglov.
l am not pesky but fair.
No one gets that lucky but you.
You won the lottery.
And you have got
a great sister-in-law.
And what about us, Sharapov?
We are all alone in this world.
And a game of dominoes
is the only thing we win.
We do the godly work but
can't have a cup of good tea.
Now for the conclusion!
Be humane and not greedy.
Give us a little sugar.
Well, pour it and stop shaking.
You'll have more scattered around.
That's it.
Don't be impudent, Zheglov.
We didn't agree on bread.
Neither did we on sugar.
See you, Petyunya.
Cheer up, Sharapov!
You'll see, we'll do away
with these bastards,
And then we'll enter
some college to study a little.
- Do you know what they call
our business? - What is it?
lt's jurisprudence.
All right.
Now go get some sleep.
l'll need you tomorrow morning,
young and handsome.
Where do you live?
ln a hostel half an hour
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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