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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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didn't talk her out of it.
You know, she could think
l was still jealous.
She must have thought so,
because she listened to me.
- And that was all.
- Yes.
Fox and Gruzdev must be
connected with each other.
But what unites them?
We can't answer this question.
There is only one man
who can help us. Fox!
- Where can we find him if you don't
know his address? - ln the restaurants.
- What restaurants?
- l don't know.
He doesn't visit museums or libraries.
Where else can he go?
What restaurants did you
visit together?
- lt was only twice.
- Where?
ln ''Astoria''.
You'll have to go to ''Astoria''
with us to identify him.
- Who do you think l am?
- You know the man...
...we suspect of a murder. The
murder of your friend, by the way.
l will never inform
on my intimate friend,
...even if he turned out...
...to be a scoundrel!
Can you imagine, what
these bastards do?
A girl was walking in the yard.
Her mother was at work.
Some military man came up to her
and asked: ''What is your name?''
No. He asked for my first name.
l said: ''Lidochka''.
And the surname? Vorobyeva.
Her father died in the war. But the
relatives never told the girl about it.
Why should the girl know? And this bastard
said: ''Lidochka Vorobyeva? Great.''
''And where is your father?
ln the front? No, he is not.''
''Your father is in the hospital. He's
getting better and soon he'll be home.''
''l came here first to know how the relatives
were getting ready to meet the hero.''
They talked a little,
then went to the apartment.
He gave 30 rubles to the girl and
asked her to go and buy some ice cream.
When she came back, he was gone.
He took everything they got.
Her mother was hysterical. She cried
over their father but not their clothes.
Don't cry! l'll get
this bastard at any cost.
l'll do my best and find him!
- Kolya, did you see the folder
on my table? - Why? l was out.
Hello, Sharapov. What is
the news home and abroad?
Stop crying, little girl.
And you calm down.
Gleb, l have to work with the case
and you took the folder.
What folder?
l left the folder with the
Gruzdev's case on my table.
We'll try to find him...
The Gruzdev's case? You left it
on the table. And where is it now?
l don't know. l thought you took it.
What are talking about, Sharapov?
Are you out of your mind?
You left a folder with a criminal case
on your table. When?
When l read Sobolevskaya's
letter to you,
...and when l went to her place,
the folder stayed here.
Look, Taraskin, take the people
and go to some other room.
So that we don't bother you.
Go, citizen. And don't worry.
l'll do my best to find him.
- Did you look in the safe box?
- Where is it, Gleb?
l could not even imagine that
a criminal case can disappear...
...from a locked room
of Moscow Criminal Police.
Where is it?
Did you see this poster?
Comrade! Watch out...
And a case is more important than a gun.
Have you ever seen it on my table?
Have you seen the case on the table
when l am not here?
You have never taken it.
Taraskin and l work with it.
- Right. But do l work with the papers?
- Yes. So what?
Have you ever read some paper
on my table?
No. You always turn it over
when someone comes up to you.
Right. Did you think why l do it?
l'll tell you.
Many criminals are ready to give
away half of their lives...
...for a paper from my or your table.
l've got no secrets from you,
of course.
But it's my habit, get it?
An old habit.
No one can see any paper.
And you lost the case.
lt's very bad. A tribunal
is quite possible.
- What shall l do, Gleb?
- l don't know! Think yourself!lf we find her, we shall
surely bust Fox.
She is no Sobolevskaya.
This lover is of great interest to him.
Here is his den.
Vladimir Visotskiy as Zheglov
What does it mean?
Sobolevskaya knew the deceased,
didn't she?
Vladimir Konkin as Sharapov
What's your name? lt's not very good
that l always call you comrade Sharapov.
My name is
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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