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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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t know. Probably no one.
Hello! Get me K-5-12-84.
lt's a liaison. l have seen
something like this before.
Kireyev? Zheglov speaking. ls the opera
over? Well, the ballet, OK.
So. When the Englishman turns up,
bring him to the manager's office.
Let him identify the fur-coat
and draw up the report.
lt's the first thing you should do.
Then, make him write a receipt...
...that the fur-coat he received
is safe and sound.
That's it. And what is here
to talk about?
And then you tell him that there are
many thieves in his England as well.
Yes, and it's not the presence of the
thieves but the ability of the authorities...
...to fight them, that characterizes
law and order in a country. Yes.
OK. And then go to the on-duty
department and record a theft exposure...
...to out team. Right? Deal!
- Well, explain it to me and don't show
off. - l am not showing off, Volodya.
l get tired this couple of days.
And this is what l think
about this phone number.
Some good-for-nothing man,
some parrot is on duty there.
He asks who is calling. And then Anya
or Fox call him to know who wanted...
...to talk to them. Got it now?
- But still...
We shall try to check it up.
We shall do it, Volodya.
Because now...
...we desperately need
to find this Anya.
lf we find her,
we shall surely bust Fox.
She is no Sobolevskaya.
This lover is of great interest to him.
Here is his den.
Gleb, l looked through the letters
we took from Larisa Gruzdeva.
One of them is sort of interesting.
Some girl by the name of lra writes
that she parted with her boy friend.
And in the end of the letter
she warns Larisa:
...''lf he ever comes into your life,
be on the lookout, my dear!''
This is love. But you know...
- You should visit her. What's her
address? - Bozhedomka street.
- Bozhedomka street?
- Bozhedomka street.
- lra at the Bozhedomka street?
- lra.
Listen, eagle. ls it Sobolevskaya,
by any chance?
You, detective. Damn you!
So Sobolevskaya knew the deceased,
didn't she?
Ouch! Sorry! Come in!
- Sit down.
- Thanks.
l knew you would come again.
Why didn't you tell me
that your great friend Fox...
...was involved in the murder
of Larisa Gruzdeva?
- l thought about it when you came
to me! - lt's not true.
- You warned Larisa in your letter
long ago. - Well, no.
- l meant something else.
- What exactly?
What did you mean, writing
''Be on the lookout, my dear!''?
You know there are things any woman
finds it hard to discuss.
l would never tell you the words
that l shall say now.
But Larisa's death makes
everything else senseless...
Well, Fox deserted me
to flirt with Larisa.
She is 10 years younger than me.
l wasn't angry. l was sorry for her.
l told her, l warned her that
it would come to a bad end.
- But l could not predict this one.
- And now?
And now?
And now l know everything
there is to know.
lvan Sergeyevich is charged
with Larisa's murder.
And you are looking for Fox.
l'm afraid you don't know the
circumstances quite well.
You think that Gruzdev killed
his wife out of jealousy?
l don't believe it. lt's too simple.
They remained friends. lvan
Sergeyevich moved to his new wife.
l am afraid that Fox played
some incredible...
...dirty trick.
He's a real evil genius!
- And what if we assume something else?
- For example?
He and Gruzdev could
unite against Larisa.
lt's hardly possible.
They did not know each other.
How can you explain then that we found some
Larisa's belongings in the Fox's suitcase?
- So you found him, didn't you?
- Unfortunately, just his luggage.
You know, sometimes Larisa
was sincere with me.
Not long before her death
she told me that...
...Fox proposed to her,
...persuaded her to leave damp
and dirty Moscow...
...to leave for his native Crimea.
He found a very nice and not
very expensive house there.
The manager of the local theater
is his friend. He owes Fox a lot.
So Larisa will build her career.
- lt's much better.
- l
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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