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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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for you, citizen?
Get out, Pickpen. You embarrass us.
See him off, Sharapov.
To our bus.
- lt's impossible. You work in the Bolshoi Theater.
- Who could have thought it may happen?
- That's all right. l'll find the way.
- lt would be better if l see you off.
- He's a priceless species.
- What shall l do with him?
Take him to the ''Ferdinand''
and wait for us.
l was set free!
- Your superior officer has let me go.
- Come on!
- No, your superior officer set me free.
- OK. You should wait in the bar. Come on.
Svetlana Petrovna, l like you.
And this is the only reason
l am talking to you right now.
- l should just send you to jail.
- No.
Your case will be brought
to court in 20 days.
You are no child. You have to understand,
Ruchnikov gave you up.
He betrayed you! We don't have to prove
anything. We caught you wearing...
...a fur-coat, we've got witnesses.
So stand up, court is in session!
- What do you want from me?
- What do l want?
l want you to help yourself.
Having made a frank confession...
...and having told us
about your past...
...you'll clear the way
to a new better life.
- Yes, l'll tell you. l'll tell you
everything. - l believe you!
- We took things from other people.
- l believe you!
l do believe you! l know that
you are on your way to a new life.
And you will remember this period
of time as a nightmare!
But first of all l've got
some question to ask.
Just to check up your frankness.
Yes, do ask me, please.
Pickpen and you often
met Fox, didn't you?
When did you meet him last time?
- lt was 5 or 6 days ago.
- Where?
- ln the ''Astoria'' restaurant.
- Was he alone?
Yes, he was alone.
- Do they do business with Ruchnikov?
- No, no way.
Ruchnikov is always on his own. He said
that he's got a finest profession.
- And that he doesn't need
any assistants. - Great.
And now, Svetlana Petrovna,
do your best to remember one thing.
Because all your future life...
...may depend on it.
Try to remember the details.
How did they get in touch with
each other? Ruchnikov and Fox.
Ruchnikov and Fox... Ruchnikov,
...Ruchnikov called
some Fox's friend.
- Anya, l think.
- Who is she? Where does she work?
l don't know. Petya said
something about a dining car.
- She may be a waiter or a cook.
- And you have never seen her, right?
- No, l haven't.
- Got it, Sharapov?
Of course! They brought the food
from the stores and shops there...
Can you imagine how much staff
they could sell in the dining car?
lt's Klondike, El Dorado.
Can you tell me what
Fox usually wears?
- Fox? l'll tell you.
- Sharapov, go to our headquarters.
lnterrogate Pickpen and get
Anya's phone number out of him!
Do what you want but we need
to know her phone number.
Usually he wears a uniform without shoulder
straps. But the uniform is very expensive.
Senior officers wear something like that.
And he's got a Patriotic War Award.
Give me this phone book.
-Vanya. What an interesting phone book it is.
- Why? There are only phone numbers here!
But where are the names?
Just phone numbers and some ticks!
Let's have a look at the letter ''A''.
- Anya. - There are just phone numbers here.
- Look, Vanya, would you like to call...
...one pretty girl? lf she likes you, she'll
take you for a ride in her dining car.
- and feed you well.
- Why not? Tell me her number.
And the number is the following:
Well? What shall we tell Anya?
Best regards for Fox?
lf l could manage without women,
l'd never talk to them.
They can never hold their tongue!
Kopytin! Let's go to Petrovka.
- Well, my dear friend, l see you are lucky.
- We've got Anya's phone number.
We shall get her address,
go and have a look.
- What? Why not?
- We may get the address...
...but it's too early to go there.
First we shall carry out an operative
check-up there. You don't get it?
lt's most likely that Anya doesn't
live and even come there.
- And who comes there then?
- l don'
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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