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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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in here. Give me your handbag, please.
We are sorry!
- l think we shall clear it all up.
- No doubt!
- Hello, hello!
- Officer on duty Piskunov speaking.
Look, brother, get me
the address of...
...Volokushina Svetlana Petrovna.
Born in 1912.
Give it to Taraskin and
tell him to come here.
...dear criminal citizens,
let's talk business now.
First of all, my words
will concern you,
...dear citizen Volokushina
or whatever you real name is.
l wish l were an artist.
l would surely draw her.
Well, God did not give me
the talent of an artist.
But l can discover some secrets.
And l am ready to tell you...
...one of these secrets
from your past.
l know how a good guy, Pyotr Ruchnikov
talked you into the this operation.
At first you were afraid
like any other woman.
You cried and said that you had
never done anything like this.
And he told you that nobody had
ever done anything like this.
Once you tried it, you'd see
that it's so easy.
Because you won't have to do a thing.
And everything would depend
on his skills...
...to fish a tally out of the pocket
of some openmouthed fool.
- Do you remember it, Volokushina?
You do. - Nonsense.
But still you didn't believe him.
And he showed you the Criminal Code.
And he said that you would get maximum
3 years in jail for the theft...
But it would never happen
because he's too skilled...
...and you are too beautiful!
And once he talked you into it.
You should not paint, you
should write novels, chief.
And so you established...
...a criminal association,
ordinary people call a gang.
And you started robbing openmouthed
fools in various cultural institutions:
...ln ''Hermitage'' mirror theater,
in the Tretyakov gallery,
...in the philharmonic hall.
We'll talk about it later.
But you made an awful mistake
today, citizens.
- The point is not that we caught you.
- ls it a fasting day today?
No, it's an ordinary day.
But you got the wrong tally.
You took a fur-coat of a wife
of an English envoy.
According to the international agreements
the Bolshoi Theater shall have to pay...
...for a mink fur-coat
worth 100 000 rubles.
And the Bolshoi Theater
is a public institution.
- Do you follow me, Ruchnikov? - You
want to get a 7.8 Decree on me, Chief?
Do l? l've got nothing to do with it.
lf you were me, Ruchnikov,
you would see that...
...the August 7 Decree that you call 7.8
Decree is stamped on your forehead.
And on the forehead of your accomplice
as well! So you'll get 10 years in jail,
...my dear! 10 years each.
- Why would you care for us?
l was sincere with you. Now
l want you to tell me...
...about this friend of yours - Fox!
- l don't give a damn about your sincerity.
- You are so ill mannered, Ruchnikov.
Behave yourself in the presence of this
lady or l'll distress you extremely.
- Why should l be frank with you?
- lt's obvious.
A frank confession mitigates
the punishment.
- Article 38 of the Criminal Code.
- l won't tell you a thing.
l won't fall for this bullshit.
Silence keeps you sound and healthy.
You won't be healthy! You'll take
your foreign suit off,
...put a quilted jacket on, and go
to a sawmill or to sunny Magadan!
Maybe. But l'd better be on
a sawmill or in the camp...
...then under Fox's knife
wearing my suit.
Well. What are you staring at?
l am a crowned thief.
And l have never given up
my fellow thieves.
lt's because you are more scared
of your friends than of the law.
That is why l think it would be
better to let you go.
- Why is that?
- Why?
Nobody saw you fishing a tally out of
the Englishman's pocket. And it was...
...Volokushina we caught with the fur-coat.
So we shall charge her and you may go.
And what about me?
And you, my dearest, will answer
in full accordance with the law.
As for your friend Ruchnikov
we shall let him go.
- Why? But... - You may go,
Ruchnikov. Get out of here.
But it's not my fault.
l thought that...
What else can l do
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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