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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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wearing expensive fur-coats.
When Ruchnikov has a chance he fishes
the tally out of the man's pocket.
She gets a fur-coat in the cloakroom
and off she goes. That's it.
Any woman can get a fur-coat, even
if she is not that beautiful.
Oh no. A beautiful woman
catches your eye.
You want to do her a favour, right?
And he takes more pleasure in sharing
profits with a beautiful one, right?
lt's his filthy method.
He uses a woman as some picklock
or a forcer.
A beautiful woman can make
a man happy for all his life.
- What?
- She could make a man happy.
Yes, she could... Well, it's time
to go, Volodya! Come on.
We're sold out! The pass will be
without a seat! Come on, citizen...
Comrades, l'm telling you.
Comrades, we are sold out today!
Well, comrades...
- We are sold out.
- Hello, they called you about us.
Wait a minute, comrades.
Please, wait outside.
A little later. You can come a little
later. We are sold out today.
There are no tickets.
Comrade, l am asking you.
No, there are no tickets.
Please, come on. Come on!
- l'm listening to you, comrades!
- We need 2 tickets for the show today.
Shame on you! They called me
from the Criminal Police.
And you also want some tickets.
l've got war heroes.
And l can't give them neither
tickets, nor passes.
Comrade, do you understand
who we are?
l am the Chief of Gangsters Fighting
Department. Gangsters, do you get it?
So you will give us not only passes,
but the tickets with the seats...
...that we need. Take off
your coat, Sharapov.
- This opera glass is a nuisance. - lf
you told me, l could take my binoculars.
You would bring a telescope
if you could.
Yes, it's an excellent
optical device.
- l wish he weren't late for it.
- Why?
l haven't been here for ages.
l would like to watch ''Swan Lake''.
- And here is our dandy.
- Where is he?
You should look some other way.
He's at that aisle.
He wears a gray suit. There's
a beautiful lady by his side.
- ls he lame?
- You should race him.
He's got a stick to seem
more respectable.
Excuse me! l'm sorry.
Let's go.
- You watch him! Watch him!
- He's buying a playbill.
- OK. He's going upstairs.
- Right!
Comrades, l am sorry.
lt's some misunderstanding.
We've got double tickets for these
seats. Would you go to the center?
There are some free seats in the center.
Please, sit there.
- Please, go!
- Thank you. Sorry, comrades.
There he is. The second row
of the first box.
- l wish we had better seats.
- Why? l can see him pretty well.
To watch the play.
OK. l'd like to watch the show.
When shall we come here again?
- Oh you, theater-lover!
- Comrade, l can't hear a thing.
All right, citizen! You are number 16,
watch the client.
l enjoy the show. He'll stay at his
place till the intermission, won't he?
Sharapov, do you think he hung around the
Englishman in the lobby all for nothing?
l'm sure he's got the tally.
Pickpen has got it.
lntercept her at the door. But first
let her put the fur-coat on!
Well, come on!
Wait a minute, citizen!
l'd like to talk to you.
- l don't talk with strangers. - l'm
a stranger from the Criminal Police.
So you'll have to talk with me. And
no tricks! l don't want to force you.
- Who are you? What's going on?
- Comrades!
- Whom are you taking me for?
- This woman has just...
...got a fur-coat, using the tally
of another man. - l'll pick it up.
You'll be our witnesses.
And you follow me.
What are you doing? Why did you
give her this fur-coat?
- Come in! - We'll clear it up
in a minute. Come in!
- What a shame! He is a foreigner.
- Yes, all right!
- l'll write it down. - Unauthorized
people shall leave the room.
- And who is unauthorized here?
- For a few minutes.
- Listen, my dear...
- When did you...
- Just for a few minutes.
- My dearest, look, you...
Please, come on.
Come on!
- When did you...
- You made a mess out of this theater.
Here you are. Put the fur-coat on. lt's
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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