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for all of us, bastard.
You didn't get it.
- Come on, let's drink.
- Come in!
- May l?
- Ah! Shurochka!
- l brought you some boiled potatoes.
- Shura, sit down, let's drink.
- Sit down!
- Eat. l won't drink.
You got tired, did you? You are on your
feet all day long. You do the washing.
Well, Mikhail Mikhailovich, if
there is a devil in the world,
...he is no horned billy goat,
...but a three-headed dragon.
And his heads are:
...slyness, greed and betrayal.
lf one of them gets a man,
...the others will eat him all.
Let's take an oath, Sharapov,
...to cut these damned heads
until our sabres get blunt.
And then let the bosses retire us.
And this is all!
The gangsters may shoot me like Toporkov.
But they have no guts to scare Zheglov.
l have always crushed those worms,
and l shall keep on doing it.
lt's OK. We don't sit down
at one table very often.
l will outlive them all to drive
in a stake in their filthy grave.
Vasya Vekshin had two sisters.
And the gangster who killed him,
is still out there enjoying himself.
Boldness requires a little wit.
What else do you need?
We survived a horrible war.
lt may have been the cruelest war
in the history of mankind.
lt will take years or even
decades to heal the wounds.
To smooth it all over.
How long do you need? 20 years?
- l can't wait.
- l don't suggest waiting.
l don't! This is not the point!
But l... l am absolutely sure...
...that the punitive agencies will not
defeat the crime in this country.
But a natural course of our life will
do it. We need more philanthropy, mercy.
- ''Mercy'' is a religious word.
- No, Mikhail Mikhailovich,
...we shall do away with the gangs.
The punitive agencies will do it.
You are wrong, young people.
Mercy, kindness and wisdom
are the basis of the lifestyle...
...that l dream of and
all of us long for.
The present time of poverty,
misery, sufferings...
...may give rise to a new period.
lt will be not a period
but an age of mercy.
Yes, the Age of Mercy.
l got off earlier. l thought
l would have to wait for you.
l felt it and also came
a little earlier.
- You look wonderful, Varenka.
- Volodya, let's skip all the formalities.
But it's been so long since we met.
- l've got some great news.
- What is it?
- Policewomen shall soon be demobilized.
- l heard about it.
- They passed the decision on it.
- l'll have to catch up with the rest...
...of the students. Last 2 years
l forgot nearly everything.
- Don't look at me like that!
- l wonder how this infant is doing?
He brought us together.
You know l also thought about him.
lf it were not for that foundling...
- Look, let's go and see him.
- Let's do it!
l wish we busted this Pickpen tonight.
lt would be really great.
Or else we'll have to watch all
the plays of the Bolshoi Theater.
- Gleb, why did he get this nick -
Pickpen? - lt's a funny story.
We thought it's a reminder of his previous
occupation. He knocked pens out.
- But how?
- lt's very easy.
He runs across some gentleman.
This man had better be a foreigner,
or, say, even you.
And so he starts clapping and tapping
him, shouting ''Hello, my dear!''
''l haven't seen you for ages!
How are you?''
Then he sees his mistake.
He says he's sorry,
blushes and leaves.
- And why?
- Your pen.
He claps and taps on all the pockets.
He knocks the pen out.
lf he's lucky, he
can get even a wallet.
By the way, a good golden ''Parker''
costs 1000 rubles.
And then, when we...
...caught him red-handed, we learnt
that his surname suited his business.
- Ruchnikov.
- Do you know him by sight?
lt doesn't matter. He should
not know us. That's the main thing.
The French are right:
''Cherchez la femme!''
When you see the most beautiful
woman in the theater,
...be sure, the Pickpen...
...is hanging around here.
- Why?
He chooses beautiful women
to work with. They come...
...to some restaurant...
...or to the theater and start looking
for a couple
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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