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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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l see that you don't, Like a Gypsy does not
care about a horse. She's a great girl...
...though Taraskin doesn't deserve her.
He's too fidgety, like some fireworks.
But she doesn't need a sissy either.
Show her your character.
Here is my window.
- Are you tired?
- No.
l'd better be going.
Good bye!
Toporkov, stand behind the door.
Verka, open it.
Why are you so sad today, Vera?
- Your lD, comrade!
- My lD?
No problem.
My lD is all right, citizens...
Hit the floor! Hit the floor!
lt's open.
Let's go! Someone attacked
the ambush in Maryina Rosha!
Toporkov is heavily wounded. Solovyev
is all right. That's all l know.
Come on!
Stop pacing about and sit down.
Well, tell me what happened.
All right! lt was quiet all day long.
At 22:50 someone knocked on the door.
l told Vera to let the man in.
lt was so horrible!
Stop wailing like a woman.
l need details.
l'm telling you, Gleb.
Well. Toporkov stood behind the door.
And l sat down at the table.
- You were in charge, right?
- Gleb, why put it this way?
As if l am to blame he shot
Toporkov but not me.
Well, he came in, looked around.
l asked for his lD.
He looked back, smiled and reached
for the inside pocket of his coat.
And suddenly... Bang!
lt all happened so fast.
Well the shot was muffled.
l didn't get it.
And he hit me with the gun.
l fainted.
l fell down and he fled away.
lt's a lie. He didn't faint.
- You!
- Shut up!
You'll speak when l tell you so.
Vera, tell me what happened here.
He cowered, when Fox shot.
And he forgot about his own gun.
And Fox told him: ''Don't move,
if you want to survive!''
And he told me: ''lf l learn that you gave
me up to the cops, l'll slit you open.''
- Right. And what about him?
- What about him?
He lay down for a while and
then ran away to call you.
l came up to the wounded.
He was shot in the chest...
Gleb, you... What's up with you?
Guys! Do you believe this thief?
Right... You don't believe me...
...your comrade, do you? - You're no
comrade of mine. You're a foul coward.
- You've got no right to say so. He wounded
me. - lt would be better if he killed you.
Corpses bear less responsibility.
And we would suffer less disgrace.
Why? Why, Gleb! l was not scared.
l lost my consciousness!
lt was your conscience you lost!
When he aimed his gun at you, you
did not think about your duty,
...about your shot comrades. You
thought about 50 000 rubles you won,
...about your house in Zhavoronki
village, about your cow and your hog.
Yes! Yes!
l thought about my kids.
lf he killed me would
you support them?
Would you raise them? l have known it
long ago. Since l won that lottery,
...you have hated me and changed
your attitude towards me.
You have been treating me
like a stranger!
As if l stole the money.
But the state gave it to me.
You hated me for not guzzling away
and wasting my own money with you!
The state gave me the money...
l should have guzzled it away with you...
The cognac...
He told Fox that it was
him you wanted to bust here.
- What did you say?
- You heard what l said.
Fox aimed his gun at him and said:
''Tell me, red-feathered...
...Who are you waiting for? Or
l'll send you to kingdom come.''
Your man answered that he did not know
exactly. Someone by the name of Fox...
...should come here.
Then Fox smiled and went away.
ls she telling the truth?
Damn you, bastard!
You sold out all of us, including
those who died but never got scared...
...of the gangster's bullet.
You sold us out!
Now the gangsters will think that they can
scare a man from Moscow Criminal Police.
Your gun!
Give up your gun!
He scared you so much! You didn't
pull the safety lock, did you?
Come back!
Your lD.
Come on!
Get out!
- lt's too late, Mikhail Mikhailovich.
- Don't go. Please.
l can't fall asleep
with all these notes.
Well, let's drink again then.
Did some of your comrades die?
Gangsters shot one of them.
And the other croaked
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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