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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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is capable of performing
a real deed.
He is bold, brave and strong.
- Unlike the rest of your male
brotherhood. - Sorry.
Why would he come to a bad end?
Because he's got too much
of everything.
Such people find it hard
to stay within limits.
When did you part?
3 months ago. And we
haven't met since then.
Where does he live?
ls it really that serious,
if you can tell me?
You know,
...he looks like one of the men,
who persistently refuse to pay alimony.
He's deserted two kids and
enjoys himself now. Well...
Could you please describe him?
What does he look like?
Yes, you chose a most unpleasant
role for me to play.
But for the sake
of two abandoned kids...
...l'll do it.
He's tall, slender, broad-shouldered.
He's got straight hair,
he combs it back.
His eyes are gray.
The face is... a little oblong.
The lips are too thin
but it's not that bad.
There is a dimple on his chin.
He is resolute and smart. But it's
not interesting for you, is it?
And what award has he got?
The First Degree Patriotic
War Award, l think.
And you don't know where
he lives, do you?
Why? l do.
Three months ago l brought him
to my modiste.
- Does she live in Maryina Rosha?
- Yes, that's right.
But Vera said,
he rarely comes there.
l talked with him over the phone. He
said that he stayed at Pyotr's place.
- Pyotr? Which one?
- He came here once.
l think, his name is Ruchnikov. He said
that he worked in Military Secret Police.
- Military Secret Service.
- Maybe. l don't know.
- Pyotr?
- Ruchnikov, l think.
Pyotr Ruchnikov.
Look, Gleb.
- l can't forget that gangster.
- Which one?
l let him go at the warehouse.
He wore a Patriotic War Award.
- And so?
- He matches Fox's description...
...according to Sobolevskaya.
l think, you are too zealous, Volodya.
How long did you see that officer?
- About a minute.
- But l'll remember him till my death.
No. Gruzdev can not be
a member of this gang.
He can be connected with some
gangster, bur not with the gang.
He has no guts to do it.
Hello, comrade Sharapov! Do you
recognize me? My name is Synychkina.
We brought the foundling to the
maternity hospital together.
Did you forget me?
l did not. l've been thinking
about you since then.
Do you think about me even at work?
No, l do not. This damn work...
lt's like a never-ending examination.
All these rules and
regulations overload me.
You'll learn them. At first l could
hardly stand it all as well.
And then l got used to it.
They even put me in the guardhouse.
- ln the guardhouse?! lt's interesting.
- lt was my second month on service.
And my friend was getting married.
Her bridegroom came back from the frontline,
and l had to stay on duty till evening.
l could not make it to the barber's.
And l wanted to have a perm so much.
Well, l took the rifle and
went to the barber's shop.
Suddenly the inspector
came to my post.
And l got 5 days in the guardhouse.
- What is your name?
- My name is Vladimir.
And l am Varvara. Let's go.
We have got only one wing to fly.
And the danger is dire
and the plane is on fire.
We have got only one wing to fly.
lt's so dark all around
All the targets were bombed
to the ground.
And the people are bound
and the plane is still sound
We have got only one wing to fly.
l do all the missions unarmed.
Gangsters are afraid of me.
l can deliver a blow of 95 kg
with my right hand.
Even Sigalovich, Boxing Champion of
the Soviet Union, refused to fight me.
Grisha, will you marry me?
l won't let anyone hurt you.
Especially some Sigalovich.
lt's so dark all around. All the targets
were bombed to the ground.
And the danger is dire
and the plane is on fire
We have got only one wing to fly.
Varechka, Varechka! What are
you going to do this Sunday?
- l don't know.
- Shall we go for a walk in the park?
l don't know.
Hey, Sharapov is glaring at me.
He'd stab anyone.
- Kolya!
- Hey, guys, come on.
Why should l care?
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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