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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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can help us to find them.
lt's evidence, isn't it?
Yes, it is. God knows why they do it.
Maybe it's their stupid insolence
that makes them to show off.
Moscow Criminal Police has not
taught them a good lesson yet.
But it might be worse: they may understand
it all and still they take the risk.
They want to scare people.
They want to say: if the Black Cat comes
to you you should throw in the towel...
...and never fight!
The modus operandi is the same! The ear
of the lock seems to be cut through.
lt is not sawn but cut.
He was struck with
an axe from behind.
lt was an instant death.
You know, this is a very long grocery
store. While you are going around...
...the building, the burglars can find
a dozen places to enter it. - Please...
You mean the killer was
a short person?
lt seems so.
A short man should have small feet.
Were there any small footprints?
We did not find any.
But he managed to deliver
a very strong blow.
An ordinary man can deliver it
at some angle here.
But the blow was struck from above.
Did you notice it?
Yes... Very interesting.
Let's write it in the report.
We'll have to think about it later.
- Listen, Gleb!
- lt happened when l was in Poland.
We camped in some village...
And my landlord was a hunchback,
He was incredibly strong.
We had cart horses.
They pulled 76mm cannons.
Once he crept under one
of those horses and lifted it.
Really! lt's true!
Well done, Sharapov.
lt's a great idea, scout.
lt will help us a lot. Right?
A hunchback is easier to look for.
My compliments, Volodya.
Get on with the examination.
You are getting old, brother.
l can't see any of your
celebrated tenacity anymore.
Just pompous rhetoric and the
criminal lexicon, but no progress.
We expect something else from you.
Thanks for your trust.
Thanks for expecting
anything from me.
What is going on?
Moscow is full of gossip.
There is some Black cat gang.
And no one can survive it.
lntensify your work, Zheglov!
Put everything else aside
and do this Black cat gang.
lf l find some free people,
you will have all of them.
This is a casual dress. lt's designed in
2 kinds of fabric of different colours.
The silhouette is smooth and fitting.
This season a yoke is in.
There is a pattern on the fabric.
These are light silk dresses with prints.
They are cut along the waistline.
The drapery on the shoulder and on the front
accentuates the smoothness of the bodice.
This year hats should be...
...a little smaller.
They should match the dress.
A stylish suit is made of dense silk.
An elongated jacket...
...is cut along the waistline.
lt's decorated with lace.
The skirt is decorated...
...with small folds,
stitched up to the thigh.
The suit is embellished with a blouse
having a soft silk bow for a collar.
Hello. Excuse me.
- May l?
- Yes, you may!
Excuse me. l am from
the Criminal Police.
- From the Criminal Police? - Yes,
we'd like to ask you some questions.
Are you Sobolevskaya?
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
What's the matter? What's up?
Well, nothing in particular.
- l am listening to you. - We take
some interest in one of your friends.
- Which one?
- l am sorry.
Good bye.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
- Well, which one?
- Fox!
- Oh yes.
- Did you know him well?
How shall l put it?
l wish l knew him better.
Unfortunately, l did not
manage to do it.
He is my ex-lover.
We met each other a year
and a half ago.
lt seemed to me that...
Well, we could not work it out.
And we parted.
Fox. lt's his name.
Well, his first name is Evgeniy.
But he always wanted me
to call him by his surname.
l don't know what he did and
why you are looking for him...
...but l did not believe him.
l always thought that
he would come to a bad end.
And why?
l don't know if you
will understand me.
He... How shall l put it?
He is not a common man.
l don't mean his face.
Though he's rather handsome.
But it's another thing.
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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