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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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their sufferings!
lt's too much for me.
l can share it with you.
Don't expect my sorrow.
You've got a den for the thieves
to play cards and have fun here.
- What are you doing here with the cards,
Grisha? - Well, l... A solitaire...
You may look for whatever you want.
You may even ask me. l can tell you.
Then tell me,
...when did Fox come here?
Fox? 2 or 3 days ago.
Why did he come? What did he do?
Nothing. He keeps his clothes here.
He left his wife.
So he took a fur-coat and left.
What clothes?
And what fur-coat did he take?
lt was a black one. Made from a seal.
He put it in the pillow and left.
Gleb Yegorovich, these are the clothes
from Gruzdeva's apartment.
Don't rush it, lvan.
You are lucky, Sharapov.
Well, go on then.
Tell me, where did you meet Fox?
A friend of mine brought him here. She said,
he's her friend, came here on business.
You know it's hard to find a hotel.
She asked me to let him live here.
And he paid me for it.
What did Fox look like
when he came here last?
Well... He's a decent man. He wears a uniform
but without shoulder straps, of course.
Anything else you can tell us?
What else? He is a well-bred man.
He never curses. As for this love
rubbish... Never!
He rarely stayed for the night. He
brought some clothes, took some other...
No, l can't say anything bad about him.
He's a decent man.
Vera Stepanovna,
...can you tell us for sure?
There were many people...
...including thieves here.
- ls he a criminal or not?
- Well, no.
He does some science.
- Look, Vera, this one?
- No, l don't think so.
What does it mean?
Did you see him or not?
Why should l stare at him?
l would not marry him!
No, Fox is not like this. He looks like you.
He is agile but more handsome than you are.
What did he tell you about the suitcase?
When will he come for it?
He promised to come one of these days
to take it. Before the departure.
And about your friend, who brought
Fox here... What does she do?
- She is a designer in a fashion house.
- Do you repair her clothes as well?
No. She wears fancy
things like an actress.
l stitch her bed sheets
and blanket covers.
- Can you tell us her name and address?
- lra Sobolevskaya.
7, Bozhedomka street.
OK, Vera.
Two our men will stay at your place.
- Clear?
- Why?
Because we lay an ambush here.
You and you will stay till morning.
l'll send people to relieve you.
And how long will you have
your ambush here?
As long as we need it, Vera.
Until Fox comes here.
Grandpa, will you stay awake
all the night through?
All the night? l could never do it.
And l can't do some
things that you can.
And why don't you sleep
during the day?
l am too old to waste time to sleep.
Why? We've got plenty of time.
The keys! The keys, old man!
Don't forget about the puppy!
Quiet, boy!Maestro!
Got it?
Hey, listen!
What is all this shooting about, brother?
As though we are on the front line.
- Have you got a gun?
- l have. lt's my war reward...
Good morning, sir.
Junior sergeant Synychkina reports.
lt's a false alarm.
The infant is alive.
He's a foundling.
- What sort of nonsense is this?
What gun? - This one.
How should l know? Maybe it was you who
killed the woman and put her bracelet on?
Valka the Smoked gave it
to me yesterday!
- Be quick, tell me where you got the bracelet.
- l don't know what you are talking about.
l'm talking about a silver snake
bracelet with one emerald eye.
- You gave it to Manka!
- l didn't give her a thing!
You will tell me about one thing,
when and where you got it.
This one.
Last week we gathered to play
in the house of Verka the Modiste,
...and l won it from Fox.
- ls it you, Kolya?
- Yes, yes! Open the door!
Oh! Who are you?
Well, Vera! From now on our men...
...will stay at your place.
- Clear?
- Why?
Because we lay an ambush here.
Until Fox turns up!
Excuse me, citizen.
Listen, Gleb, why do they do this?
This Black cat
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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