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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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A quarter to the hour...
He jumped off the rolling tram.
Well what's going on there?
They are saying good-bye
to each other.
Call the ambulance.
One moment, please.
Will you hold him?
Some fingerprints may be
left on the handle.
What is this ''Black cat'' gang?
We have been looking for
them for 2 years.
But we can't pick up their tracks.
lf l were a novelist
l would write a book about it.
What is there to write about
if there are no tracks?
Well, there will be some.
Though they are really sly.
What do they do?
They loot shops,
...rich apartments, warehouses, banks.
And they stab and
shoot people for nothing.
Wherever they come,
...they draw a black cat
or leave a black kitten.
- Why so?
- They want to show off.
As though they are making fun of us.
lt's their trademark.
All right.
Vanya Pasyuk, you'll take
Vekshin's body to Yaroslavl.
You'll bid him last farewell
on behalf of us all.
Try to console his mother.
Though is it really possible?
Damn it all!
Sharapov, Taraskin, tomorrow you'll
go on duty around the city with me.
And me?
Of course. What else
can l do with you?
And now go get some sleep.
Where can l get you
another 3 rubles?!
- Well, Volodya, can you believe it?
- Fighting again, are you?
He wants another three rubles!
Your personal policeman has arrived.
Come on, arrest me...
- Good morning, Mikhail Mikhailovich.
- Hello.
- He needs another 3 rubles in the morning.
- Would you like some potatoes with onions?
- He never stops drinking.
- This food is rich in vitamins.
Some poignancy and a public challenge
are the things l need in my life.
No, Mikhail Mikhailovich, let me give you
some omelet l made from an egg powder.
No, you need it more.
You are a young boy.
You must be constantly hungry, right?
Right. l really am.
Though you are not a boy anymore.
You were in the war.
You are a man.
- How old are you?
- 25.
Venechka was younger than you.
You went to the war and he attended
his classes at the conservatoire.
l remember he bought flowers to his mother
every time he got his scholarship.
Who has ever bought flowers
in our apartment?
He was so myopic.
Are you happy?
Yes, l am. The war is over.
There are so many things to do.
l was also happy at your age.
My happiness was overwhelming.
And then it started shrinking
and shrinking...
And it became so tiny...
Like a calculus in a kidney.
Mikhail Mikhailovich, why torment
yourself living in Moscow all alone?
You have got relatives in Kiev.
You'd better move to them.
They are too old.
Old people should not live together.
They should stick to the young.
Then their existence
makes some sense.
Volodya, bring me your laundry.
l'll do it.
lt's all right for now. Thanks.
Well, here you are, daredevils!
Hello, good morning.
Well stay away from the table.
Stay away.
Well, lucky boy, turn a little.
l'll shoot you for our paper.
and make an appropriate commentary.
Well, guys, why? Stop it.
- l did not do anything special.
- He's got so shy all of a sudden.
Your pretty eyes are not the reason
we want to take a picture of you.
lt's a political thing.
Well, attention, please.
- Get ready, everybody. All right.
- Zheglov, come here.
Gleb! Gleb, come here! Quick!
Well, tell us how people
become millionaires.
You won't believe it.
l have already told the guys.
Yesterday l decided to check up the
results of the lottery to kill the time.
And so l see, the series
number is the same.
So l won 50 rubles. lt's good.
- Well? - And l am afraid
to check up the card number.
No wonder. ''And the rest
of the lottery cards have won...''
l put the paper aside
and went to have a smoke.
And my heart was banging.
So l called Zina.
- Which one?
- Well, she's my wife.
She's always lucky. So l told her:
Zina, check up the number.
And it was also the same.
Well, not everyone gets that lucky.
Life is no stupid.
You must have deserved this luck.
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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