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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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...when people sent last pieces
of bread to the front, right?
lt was you who they shot
in the back at nights.
By the way, l was not sitting
at a grocery store either!
For 4 years...
And they shot at me and
they stabbed me just like you!
Maybe l am not so bright
as an operative, but l know...
...an honour of an officer perfectly well.
We were quick to learn it in the front!
Do you think that l blemished
the honour of an officer? Why?!
Tell me in the presence of the guys.
l have got nothing to hide from them.
You should have never put
the purse in the Brick's pocket.
Well, it's not late.
Let's go back to the department.
We'll tell them that the Brick
has never cut the handbag.
Well? We were mistaken.
And then we shall apologize...
No, l shall give my apologies...
...to a nice guy Kostya Saprykin
and let him go anywhere he wants.
He stole the purse. l don't argue it.
But we should never fall to such a lie.
Even if it is formal and
doesn't change a thing.
lt changes! lt changes a lot!
lf it were not for my lies,
...the repeater and the thief Saprykin
would be in his den and not in jail now!
l was right to put the purse
in his pocket.
Why did l do it? For my own pleasure?
For my father-in-law? Or for my brother?
- Wait, Gleb.
- No, you wait!
lf the Brick is a thief,
he should go to jail.
And people don't care about
the way l send him there!
A thief should go to jail! Right?
This is what people want.
Kopytin, stop the car! Let's go
to the street and ask 100 people...
...what they like more -
my lie or your truth?
Then you'll see if
l am right or wrong.
And do you think that
our court is just like...
...these people from the street.
By the way, we've got People's Court.
And what do you mean?
Though the court acts on behalf
of the people, it would never accept...
...the purse you put in the Brick's
pocket and would set him free.
- You are right again.
- Right.
l see it this way.
lf we break the law once,
then once again,
...if we use it to bridge the gaps
in our investigations...
...it won't be a law anymore.
lt will be a bludgeon!
Yes, a bludgeon!
OK, wranglers, that's it.
Go, you'll make friends there.
All right. Pasyuk, go to the window.
Taraskin, Sharapov, follow me.
- ls it you, Kolya?
- Yes, yes! Open the door!
Hello. Here is the search warrant.
- Are you alone here?
- Yes, l am.
What is it? l spent nights
under boilers in my childhood.
- Under what boilers?
- They heat up the asphalt in them.
Remember ''The Start in Life'' movie?
l was homeless.
Quiet! Children are asleep.
Make arrangements.
You are in command here.
Are you Markelova Vera Stepanovna?
- Yes, l am.
- Please, you may sit down.
We have to search your house.
lf you have valuables or weapons, we
ask you to give it all up voluntarily.
Weapons? What weapons can l have?
As for the valuables...
My valuables are sleeping over there.
That's all l have. Some coupons
to buy bread and 40 rubles cash.
lf it's all right with you, we shall
invite witnesses and start the search.
As you wish. You may take
everything you find.
You are not surprised that
we went to search your house?
Why should l be surprised?
You could hardly come here
at night for your own pleasure.
- You must have your reasons
to search my place. - Right.
What about your life?
How do you earn your living?
l am a tailor. l restore clothes.
Sometimes l have to borrow money...
We live from hand to mouth.
Whose clothes do you restore? Do they
belong to your neighbours or your friends?
Can you give us their
names and addresses?
There are too many people.
l can't remember them all.
Really? l can refresh your memory
once you've got problems with it.
You accept these clothes
from the thieves.
And the dealers use the people's
poverty and sell them...
...at the flea markets
and in the shops.
You live on the sufferings
of other people.
Oh yes! Look how wealthy
l got on
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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