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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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are right.
So let's talk seriously.
Either you keep on pushing it
and then...
...Major Murashko will get you
a maximum prison term.
Kondrat Filimonovich has never
done such dirty tricks!
That's right. That is why he chases
people like you, and l am looking for...
...gangsters and murderers. But
he is really good at his business.
This is why you will get
as much as possible.
Especially since you
were caught red-handed.
But there is another option.
You will tell me about one thing,
when and where you got it.
This one.
And l book you without
Kondrat Filimonovich.
You'll get 2 years in prison for your petty
theft and fly back home like a white swan.
All right. This bracelet is clean.
The Smoke did not steal it but
won it from me in a card game.
- l put it in the bank for 2 grand.
- And where did you get it?
l also won it. Last week we gathered
in the house of Verka the Modiste,
...played a little
and l won it from Fox.
From Fox? Did he run out of cash?
- Fox is a well-to-do guy.
- Why did he stake a bracelet then?
l don't know about criminal police, but our
guys can cut your tongue for such questions.
l see they have already cut yours.
That's why you are lisping.
Why do you tease me?
l won't tell a thing anymore.
lt's a joke. All right.
What do you think about it?
The bracelet was stolen. No doubts.
And why do you need such a thing?
Listen, l didn't buy it.
And l was not going to wear it.
No luck in the second game.
And the Smoked won it from me.
Listen, Saprykin, is Fox still
with Verka the Modiste?
Hardly. Why? He brought
the stuff and disappeared.
- Does Verka still accept
the stolen goods? - Why not?
She works for black dealers to get a
little money. She's got to boys to raise.
That's right. l am sorry for her.
She is so unlucky. Want to smoke?
l don't smoke. But it's good
to have cigarettes in the cell.
- Then take some more.
- No, thanks.
Take them, Kostya. Why not?
- Have you seen Fox since then?
- No.
Well tell me.
ls Fox a crowned thief?
Or just an ordinary one?
l don't get it myself. He's got
the manners of an ordinary man.
But he is not, l am sure. He would kill a
man with the same ease you blow your nose.
- He is an authority.
- l know. Could he change his trade?
- Nobody knows his business.
- Really?
He hardly ever comes to our dens. He
always brings the staff and disappears.
l got tired today.
Hello! Kondrat Filimonovich!
Zheglov speaking.
l cancel my request.
We dealt with the Brick ourselves.
Why? He behaves himself well.
So we... Bye!
- You see, Zheglov keeps his word. Right?
- Right.
- Now we shall go to Verka the Modiste.
- No! We didn't agree on it.
Saprykin, don't stop halfway.
lt's my advice.
l know her address, but it would be
better if you go with us.
No! Go on your own!
Do you want them to cut me to pieces?
- Take the address and go.
l'll wait here. - The address?
Well, which one have you got?
Just the same. 10, Alley 6.
Sharapov, let's go.
So they invented this thing.
lt's small like a radio.
And there is a screen in the center.
Like a jam dish. 6x9.
- What is the screen for?
- What for?
They can broadcast a movie
from the ''Udarnik'' cinema now.
- And what do you know about this Fox?
- Well, nothing, Sharapov.
l have never heard about Fox
and Verka the Modiste before.
You ignorant! lt's a scientific fact.
- lt's called ''television''.
- What's up with you?
l think it's mean.
Wait, Grisha. What did you say?
l think that we are criminal policemen
and have no right to play dirty tricks.
Are you crazy, Sharapov?
- Not at all.
- And what are talking about?
About the purse you dropped
into the pocket of the Brick.
Oh yes. You noticed it.
You've got the right to say so.
lt was you, who saved the woman
because she wanted to commit suicide.
She had 3 children.
And someone like this Brick
stole all her money, right?
And it was you who found butter
and caviar in their
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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