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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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curse you.
- What would you do then?
- How can he curse me?
And what about the testimony
of Bisyayev the Smoked?
He'll spit into Bisyayev's mug and tell
us that he has never seen him before.
- What would you do?
- l don't know...
All right. Tomorrow will be your day.
- We'll have a ride in public transport
together. - Thank you, Gleb!
We'll be very quick to find him!
Guys, don't push! Buy the tickets
or l'll make you get off the tram!
Citizens, buy the tickets!
Come on, go inside!
lt's good we don't have to pay here.
Or we would ride away all our salary.
Boys! Boys, quiet!
- Here he is!
- l see him.
Calm down. You almost
pushed me off the train.
Come up to him and stand
a couple steps behind.
- And you?
- Go. Come on.
Citizens, let me go inside, please.
Let me go!
l am sorry.
Halt! Halt!
Halt, l'm telling you! Put your hands
behind your back! You are under arrest.
Madam, check up your handbag.
Check it!
They are robbing me! Comrades,
...look what these gangsters
are doing to me!
- Stop twitching.
- Someone cut my handbag open.
They are twisting the arms of
a soldier.
Don't panic, citizens!
Someone stole my purse.
l had all my salary in it.
Madam, they stole your purse and now
they try to lay the blame on me.
They must have dropped it somewhere.
Don't pick it up!
She's a respectable woman
and a thief!
Calm down, comrades!
We are from criminal police.
We have just...
...arrested the repeater pickpocket.
l ask the witnesses and the victim
to follow us to the police department.
lt's not far away.
Don't worry, comrades.
Take the purse, Saprykin. Otherwise
it will be really bad for you.
No way. l am no fool to pick up
the prison term myself.
Comrades! Citizens!
l am not to blame!
They think only about their plans. The
main thing for them is to bust people!
l don't have anything! Let me go!
l won't follow you!
Stop jibbing like a child.
lt won't come off. No way.
You can't give testimony in court.
The woman raised a clamour
after you got me.
And you'll never find my coin!
And l tell you one more thing.
Your boss will surely haul you over
the coals for your clumsy work.
He will surely do. You'll remember
my words. He'll do it!
Open the door! No servants
for the beggars.
So you have got nothing
against Kostya Saprykin.
Get the witnesses!
Please, go there, comrade.
- Good afternoon, comrade captain.
- Hello.
- Well, Saprykin.
- What?
- What have you done this time?
- Nothing.
- He's stolen a purse from this lady.
- He has!
A purse? What purse?
- Search me.
- The left pocket.
Sit down.
- Whose purse is it?
- Mine! lt's mine!
OK. Did everyone see?
Register the withdrawal.
- Please, follow me.
- lt's my purse.
What is going on here?
He did it, rotten cop!
He dropped the purse in my pocket.
What a bustard!
- Madam, we were together in the tram...
- Sit down!
So you have already
earned one prison term.
And you, stupid guy, laughed at me.
Remember the proverb:
let the sleeping dogs lie.
And now l begin the second part of the
concert of the requests of our audience.
Murashko? Comrade major?
Hello, Zheglov speaking.
Kondrat Filimonovich! Zheglov
and l helped you a little.
We busted the Brick!
Red-handed, of course.
- Kondrat Filimonovich!
- Sit down!
You've got a thousand feats on him.
So will you send your man
to pick him up?
We are in Department 17 and waiting.
Let them work with him
with all their hearts.
That's it! Well, Saprykin, now we
have got something against you, right?
l see, you are a great inventor!
Don't grit your teeth at me.
You can grit it to the roots.
l don't give a damn about it. Got it?
All right. Have fun, chief!
Come on, have fun!
Soon it will be my turn
to enjoy myself!
lt will never be your turn.
Because l will always be ahead of you.
Well until l begin the third and
the fourth parts of our concert,
...tell me, do you believe
that l can do it?
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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