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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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Saprykin the Brick?
- Nothing.
- What does it mean ''nothing''?
He lives somewhere at the Sretenka
street. He's got some den there.
Right. Listen, Valentin, will you go
for a tram ride with us?
- What for?
- We may run across the Brick.
You think l am completely twisted?
Shall l give up a fellow thief to the
criminal police? Never in my life!
You have already given him up.
One of this days l'll bust the Brick
and tell him how l frightened you.
Well, citizen Zheglov,
...you are so cruel. l told you
everything like you are one of our own.
And here is your gratitude.
Don't say bullshit. Since then has
Zheglov become one of your own?
l have crushed you all my life and hopefully
will keep on doing it until you are gone.
And you told me everything because you
know the bracelet was taken off a corpse.
But now you are still under suspicion.
l am going to keep on working with you.
lf you don't want to help me, stay
in the cell, think of your life.
That's OK. We'll see.
l lost the game, so take your money.
Some time later l'll get even with you.
Obviously you are out of your mind, Smoked.
Zheglov will never take your filthy money...
There's nothing l can talk to you about.
Take him to the cell. l'll be back soon.
- What for?
- What for?
Look, Pasyuk, he's got pockets full
of money. Legalize the withdrawal.
For breaking the rules
of this poolroom.
That's it, Valentin.
Let's go, Sharapov.
Good bye.
What are you staring at?
Your eyes may fall out.
Take it! Here it is! Here it is!
lt's the money l earned! Come on!
Here it is! Take it! Come on!
- lt's bullshit and a waste of time.
- Why so?
Because we should find evidence against
Gruzdev and not look for this pickpocket.
- But the bracelet...
- The bracelet is nonsense.
A pickpocket is a man
of the finest criminal occupation.
People spend years to polish
up their skills.
None of them will ever
commit a murder.
They never take a razor with them.
- They cut the pockets with
a sharpened coin. - lt's funny.
l used to think that pickpockets take the
lowest place in the criminal hierarchy.
You are wrong. Just imagine
what dexterity of fingers,
...what accuracy of movements,
what marvelous self-control...
...they need to empty the pockets
or to take off a watch of a man...
...who is neither asleep, nor drunk,
nor under anaesthetic.
l guarantee this Brick has got nothing
to do with the murder of Larisa Gruzdeva.
- But where did he get the bracelet?
- And why do you think that he got it...
...after she was murdered? She could
lose it, give it away, sell it...
...or change for butter. Someone, even
this Brick could steal it from her.
Then we need to find this very man.
We have to find the Brick!
God knows how much time it will take
to find the Brick.
l promised to bust the Brick,
but it was just idle talk.
lf it were that easy, we should have
caught them all long ago.
Listen, Gleb! l am of little use
to you right now.
Let me find this Brick.
We must have his picture in the files.
Sharapov, l can't stand
stubborn people.
Stubbornness is the first sign
of stupidity.
- lt's not stubbornness.
- And what is it?
l think we can't deprive the man
of his last chance.
- And who is this man?
- Gruzdev.
- You doubt that he killed his wife?
- l don't know.
You see, this bracelet is his last
chance to have a fair investigation.
What is that supposed to mean?
lf he killed his wife
and took all the valuables,
...he would never sell the bracelet
the following morning.
l don't like this Gruzdev either...
But he's no criminal.
No Brick or Smoked...
He would not guzzle
the loot away immediately.
That's why l want to find this Brick
and to know where he got the bracelet.
l can give you 100 objections to it.
Suppose, you're right and you find
the Brick. What happens next?
Why? l interrogate him and
learn where he got the bracelet.
lt would be great if he told you. But
he may laugh at your face and
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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