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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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for 50 rubles. - And for what?
- For a thousand!
- For a grand? Deal.
But before playing for a grand
show me that you've got it.
Or maybe you are going to play
with me on credit?
l know the rules.
Then, let's begin the game.
- Shall we play pool or pyramids?
- Pool.
Grisha! Go to the director's office.
There's a phone there. Call our guys.
Tell Pasyuk to come here.
You meet him.
Come on! You start!
Take your jacket off and toss
it away, you master boss!
- Otherwise it will be inconvenient to play.
- Don't teach me, bloke, you, citizen Smoke!
- Are you afraid to lose your gun?
- Don't be afraid for me.
Congratulations on the start,
Gleb Georgiyevich!
- l should have asked a handicap from you.
- l don't give charities on Friday.
Take you feet off the table!
You should put on valenki...
...to hide you hooves,
hanging above the floor.
- Where did you get the bracelet?
- What bracelet?
An ordinary silver bracelet,
made like a snake with an emerald eye.
- Well, what's up with you? - l don't
know what you are talking about.
Really? Then we shall go
to our office...
...and l shall talk to you
some other way...
This is the way l shall talk to you.
This is the way l shall do it!
l'll be dead serious so that you
can understand my question.
So that it would become a pain
in your neck, heart and your head.
And in the rest of your rotten pluck.
l give you my word of honour.
l don't understand.
lndeed? lt doesn't matter, Smoked.
Anyway you are doomed.
- Why?
- l win the game.
You rob the attics and never kill people,
Smoked. Be quick and tell me...
...where you got the bracelet.
- l don't know what you are talking about.
About a silver snake bracelet...
...with an emerald eye
that you gave to Manka.
l didn't give her a thing.
Shame on you! Show me your hands.
lt is so interesting.
What is so interesting
about my hands?
- Look, Smoked, you are no professor.
- No.
- No writer and no scientist.
- No writer and no scientist.
But your hands are so groomed
and tender. And why?
Keeping silent? l'll tell you.
Because you have never done
anything good with them.
You lived your 30 years
always gobbling something!
You guzzled, you slept a lot.
And all the people worked for you,
provided you with shoes and clothes.
They fought for you!
And you were on a holiday in the rear
with your fake rupture.
Are you trying to improve me?
lt's useless. And too late.
This time l shall do my best
to send you away with a pick.
Or with a saw... lt's time you go
to the saw-mill, Smoked.
Or to build some new canal. ln my opinion
you have spent too much time in the city.
By the way, citizen Zheglov, you
don't have hands of a miner either.
You are right, Smoked. You are right.
Because l am a strong,
young and smart man...
...and l spend my life trying to free
the world of different filthy types.
And though l haven't got any callosities
if l bust a dozen of your type a year...
...l will save a lot more than my salary
to the country. And fortunately...
...l bust much more than a dozen.
This is my answer.
And bear in mind, Smoked,
...you really made me angry this time.
lt was just a joke.
Just a playful conversation.
You fooled around. So did l.
And you take it too close to your heart.
l wasn't fooling around.
Tell me, where did you get
the bracelet?
l won it in a card game. We played
in the house of Verka the Modiste.
Kostya the Brick put it in the bank
for 2 grand. He had no cash.
Right. l get it.
lt's a game.
And where is he now?
Really l don't know, Gleb Georgiyevich!
Or put me in jail for ages!
Listen, Bisyayev, where does
the Brick work?
He picks pockets
in trams in Sokolniki.
ls this Brick Saprykin? ls it
the name of your friend?
l don't know. And he's no friend
of mine. Just a fellow.
Everybody calls him the Brick.
You, thieves, are so queer. Like
dogs you've got no names and families.
Just these shitty nicks. What can you
tell me about
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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