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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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a real mess.
- Why so?
- This antique and priceless bracelet...
...was taken off a dead woman
2 days ago.
So, get ready, my friend.
You'll spend this night in our cell and
then we'll bring you to the prosecutor.
- Why so? - Manya, you know
the procedure quite well.
We are detectives.
We investigate petty crimes.
And the prosecutors look into
capital punishment murder cases.
Shall l get capital punishment
for some lousy bracelet?
And what were you waiting for?
A coupon for high-calorie diet?
You killed this woman. You'll have
to answer for it to the fullest.
Don't fly at me, shit cop.
What a foul language
you speak, Manya.
And l told you, it's none of our business.
You'll have to say it all to the prosecutor.
ls it the first day you know me?
l have never dealt with the murderers.
lt used to be so but it may change now.
How should l know?
Maybe it was you who killed the woman
and put her bracelet on?
Valka the Smoked gave it
to me yesterday!
Did l have to ask him for
a receipt from the jewelry shop?
- l don't know where he got this
bracelet. - lt's nonsense, Manya.
Suppose, l stand up for you.
What should l say?
According to Manka the Bond she got
the bracelet from this Smoked type.
- Who will believe me? lt's rubbish.
- And so what should l do?
You should remember that
you are not Manka the Bond...
...but Marya Afanasyevna Kolyvanova.
That you are a citizen.
That you are a human being.
Well l don't know. You should
write when and where...
...repeater Bisyayev gave you
this bracelet.
And then he'll...
Well, don't you worry. Write it down and
l'll make sure that he'll never disturb you.
lt would be difficult for him
to hurt you here.
And what about his friends?
lf they learn that l gave him up
they'll cut me in pieces.
Sure thing!
But it will happen even sooner if you
keep on hanging around in gangster dens,
...railway stations and restaurants.
Well what is it?
Can you behave yourself?
Well look at her.
You've got a black eye.
Shame on you!
You're a robust girl.
You should go to work!
And you behave ill, damn you!
lt's so miserable and disgusting.
Don't put me to shame and stop
persuading me. l understand it myself.
l see. Well, l have no time
to talk to you. l want to go home.
- Will you write or not?
- Yes!
l will. Why should l get charged?
l almost went to jail and now
l don't want to answer for him.
Here is a sheet of paper.
- Want some?
- l don't like sweets. Write it down.
Sharapov! Take Taraskin,
go and arrest the Smoked.
- He knows the address.
- l get it.
- lt would be a waste of time.
- Why?
- He hasn't been home for a fortnight.
- And where is he?
There are a lot of dens
in Maryina Rosha.
- The Bond or the Band?
- The Bond.
What? What Bond?
''l, Manka the Bond...''
Are you out of your mind?
Write again: ''l, Kolyvanova
Marya Afanasyevna...''
You'd better go to the Culture Park
in the morning.
He should hang around in the poolroom.
He always plays there.
A good idea, Manya.
l see, you are regaining
your civic awareness.
l don't give a damn
about your awareness.
He sticks to card players
like a bug in a rug.
l don't want to sweat here for him.
But the Smoked will never kill a man.
lt's not the way he was brought up.
Volodya, let's go.
From two cushions to the pocket.
- Shall we go on?
- Excuse me, comrade.
- The loser is out. lt's my turn now.
- Here you are.
- My compliments, chief.
- Hello.
- Do you play the pool now?
- lf a mountain does not go to Mohammed...
- Did you really want to see me?
- Yes, l did.
l am looking for a good partner.
You should have given me a whistle.
l should have come at once.
You would never hear my whistles.
Listen, the Smoked.
You are breaking the rules of this
poolroom. Playing for money?
Only children play for fun.
Real masters always play for money.
- Shall we play for half a hundred?
- What's up with you, the Smoked?
- You want to play with Zheglov
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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