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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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borrow a little from you. Open up!
We are from the Criminal Police!
Come in, comrades. We always
have some place for you.
Lock up the door and don't let anyone in.
We'll check up the papers, got it?
Yes, sir!
Sharapov! Keep an eye on the door.
Maestro! Stop it...
Right? That's it.
Citizens, citizens, don't you worry!
Don't worry!
lt's a pure formality.
Please, prepare your lDs.
And stay where you are.
Your lD, please.
Citizen, stay aside.
Citizen, take your seat.
And prepare your lD.
No. Right. You are not even 16.
- Taraskin, attend to her.
- Waiter, give them the bill.
Your lD, please.
Do you hear me? lt's
all right, citizens.
Vanya, Pasyuk, come here.
lt's all right. All right.
You should have some lD with you.
Taraskin, stay here.
Lady, halt!
Halt, lady!
- Madam, l'm calling you.
- Me? What's the matter?
Give the folder back to the boy
and follow me. Come on!
lt's outrageous!
- l can't graduate from the conservatory.
No! - Madam, follow me.
- Let's go.
- Why are you doing this to me?
Where are you going? Why did you
let this woman out?
Well done, Sharapov.
You are a quick runner.
lf you were a little more attentive,
you would be absolutely priceless.
Hey! l know this girl!
Well, l see, Manya, that you don't pay
any attention to my persuasion.
You are still a fidgeting dragonfly.
But keep in mind that
the summertime is over.
So you'll have to settle down
100 kilometers from Moscow.
Well, Sharapov, you were lucky to catch
the notorious Manka the Bond.
The lady is pleasant in every way
but she hates working.
And she prefers antisocial
way of life.
Have you ever caught me red-handed?
You, filthy wolf!
Then don't discuss my life in public.
Stop cursing, Manya.
You'll spoil my young man.
Take her to the car, Sharapov.
Gleb, she wears
a lizard-like bracelet.
OK, l'll be right there, Volodya.
l nearly forgot about you, old man.
What have you got here?
Some merchandise for males in heat.
That's it, old man. Get ready.
You are going with us.
Come on, come on.
- Bon jour.
- This way, madam.
- Why are you trembling?
- What's up with you, fool?
You'd better shut up.
l lived with my mum in our house
l was so happy and free.
You ruined me, my dear hazel grouse,
l'll get hung on the nearest tree.
We are old friends, Manya,
so tell me.
- Whom did you enjoy yourself with?
- What are you, jealous?
Just tell me. l'll be
loyal to you till l die.
You are a great guy.
OK. We shall discuss
our relations later.
And now let's talk about your boyfriend.
Who is he? Do l know him?
You may know him, but
l forgot to ask his name.
- Why did you try to run away then?
- Why?
l came out of the ladies' room and here
you were. So l decided to wait a little.
l always try to avoid you
if possible.
Really? And why didn't you want
to say hello to me?
Last time you wanted
to put me behind bars.
Let's go, Kopytin!
Will you help the lady
with a light, chief?
- You've got a nice bracelet, Manya.
- Of course!
- The bracelet is antique. lt costs
a lot. - How much did you pay for it?
l didn't buy it. l inherited it.
From my mum.
Why, Manya? Last time you told me
that you don't remember your mum.
l don't deny it. My father gave me
this bracelet in memory of my mum.
He died in the war. Before
he left he told me:
Keep it, my little daughter. lt's the
only thing left after our dearest mum.
And then he also died.
And so l was completely
alone with no relatives.
And no one has ever supported
or helped me.
But you always try to hurt me
as much as you can.
And to make my miserable life
even more difficult.
Don't try to make me weep, Manya.
l've never seen your mother.
But l used to know your heroic dad.
Though he has never fought in the war
but he was a famous burglar.
He cracked safe boxes
like pits from the stewed fruit.
You are spreading slander about
our family. lt's a sin. Nitwit!
Well, girl. This time
you got into
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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