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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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l am thinking.
What will this baby be
when he grows up?
He'll be a general.
Why a general?
He may become a doctor.
A great surgeon.
He'll save people.
Or he may become a policeman.
A famous detective.
When he grows up,
there'll be no thieves.
And the policemen will be of no use.
Life will be so nice then, won't it?
- Did you come to the criminal police long
ago? - No. l came there from the front.
And they didn't let me
go to the front.
Do you know when policewomen
will be demobilized?
l heard it would be soon enough.
HR people talked about it.
- Fresh forces from the front are
coming in. - l long for this moment.
And what will you do?
Why? l'll return to the college. l was a
second year student when they drafted me.
A medical school?
No. l tried to enter
a medical school but l failed.
So l went to the teachers training college.
Teaching is also a good profession, right?
You go. l'll manage myself.
Don't worry for the boy.
Good. Draw up the papers
and send us a report.
Yes, sir. Good bye.
You are a nitwit, Sharapov. She's a
great girl, and you? ''Send us a report''.
lf l were you l'll report
to her myself.
- Hi.
- Turn around, Sharapov.
- Why?
- A city operation.
So. We are going to check up
some bawdy places.
The dens of criminal types,
tramps and women of vice.
And what is so funny about it?
lt's an ordinary operation.
There are some other funny things. Priest
Filimon from the Pokrovka church...
...invited 2 girls. l don't know the way
he listened to their confessions...
...but they drank too much slivovitz.
Sure thing. The Priest can not drink
as much as those girls.
So he fell asleep
and the girls stole...
...his personal golden cross and
disappeared. Good bye. Well what is it?
Are you leaving? Where is
Pasyuk for God's sake?
Great. One lascivious priest
caused so much trouble.
Comrade Taraskin, do you think that
if he is a minister and not a plumber...
...the authorities do not
guard his rights?
lf he stops messing around with whores,
he'll keep all his crosses.
And your task, comrade Taraskin, is
to investigate the crimes. ls it clear?
Let their Synod take care of
their moral degradation. Right?
And we have to find an item
of great artistic value. Got it?
- Well, what's up?
- Pasyuk is in the bus.
- Damn it! And we are waiting for him
here. - l didn't see him passing by.
You think our goal is to find
the cross? No way.
They are looking for some thief
at the request of some other department.
And they don't think it necessary
to give us some info.
So they tell us to look for the girls
who could have stolen the cross.
They can't fool me!
- You, daredevil. - Listen, did you
check with Gruzdeva's office?
ln the theater? l did.
She left it one day before the murder.
- She said she was leaving for the south.
- And where? With whom?
She said she would go to the Crimea.
To Gurzuf, maybe.
They don't know her company.
The costume designer said
she was a good woman.
She brought a cake to the farewell
party. And she was happy.
lt's strange... Why did her sister tell us
nothing? Didn't she know anything about it?
She must have known. Besides Larisa
withdrew the money from her saving account.
- Did she have money?
- She did...
The bank clerk gave me this note.
30 000 rubles.
- Did she withdraw all her money?
- Yes, she did.
The bank clerk said
she asked Gruzdeva:
Don't close the account.
Leave at least 50 rubles.
But Gruzdeva refused.
Even a blind man can see
that this is a love thing.
Once l had an affair
with an animal trainer.
l won't tell you her name.
But you know her perfectly well.
So she was mad about me.
She was ready to forget everything:
her circus, fame, money, if l...
What are you laughing at, Taraskin?
lt serves you right.
Stop! We are here.
We shall begin with this restaurant.
Kopytin, be on the lookout!
We are full! We are full!
Stop it! What about your conscience?
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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