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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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work with us
with her intuition.
Last time l hid it in the holster.
She found it!
The gun is the only thing
she is still afraid of.
OK, shut up.
- Where are they?
- There. There, boys.
- Are there any other exits?
- There is a street door.
Sharapov! Wait in the street at the
office. All the rest, follow me.
ls the lock intact?!- Sharapov.
- Nikolay. Senka Tuzik called me.
The gangsters have made
an appointment.
Vladimir Visotskiy as Zheglov
And why not capture
this gangster...
...and talk to him so that
he would tell us everything?
Vladimir Konkin as Sharapov
Don't you worry, comrade captain.
Everything will be just perfect.
A checker will get crowned
in a split of a second!
The age of mercy.
Screenplay by Vayner brothers
Directed by Stanislav Govorukhin
A complaint?
Well, l have already heard
these words and not once.
As for the thief...
You are right. You are no thief.
You killed this woman.
A night guard from a warehouse called us. He
went to warm himself to the street cleaner...
...opposite his warehouse. When he came back,
the lock was in place but the light was on inside.
- The Black Cat?
- God knows... Now to the right!
Turn off the lights! Quiet!
Get ready with your guns!
Run for your life!
The first one is down!
Halt! Halt!
What is all this shooting about, brother?
As though we are on the front line.
- Have you got a gun?
- l have. lt's my war reward...
Listen! Can you stay here
for a minute?
- l just find out what is going on there.
- Go, go!
l'll be back in a minute!
Come on! Quickly! Quickly!
Damn it! Had we known they came by car,
no one would have fled away.
Hi, sleuths!
- The Black cat, again?
- As you see...
Here it is, their gangster mark!
Have you lost anything, Volodya?
Not something...
But somebody. Some officer
was here, got it?
OK, so let's write it down.
You are no thief.
You killed this woman.
- You got ready for the murder in
advance. - You are talking nonsense!
Well-well, settle down.
Behave yourself like a man!
You were caught up.
Have some courage and confess.
lt would be good for you.
A frank confession would mitigate
the punishment, right?
This is just the gibberish of your
morbid imagination.
l don't know how to prove it so far...
Yes, you're a little confused...
You'll see, l shall...
He seems to be so obstinate...
Here is the report of the search
we held in your room in Losynka.
Do you recognize Zholtovskaya's
Yes, l do.
What sort of nonsense is this?
- What gun? What?
- Here it is. Do you recognize it?
l warned you. We've got enough evidence
to put a dozen of you in jail.
Speak out. Don't you worry, Kolya.
Sit down.
You haven't got much time,
lvan Sergeyevich.
Come on...
l know it's hard.
Purge yourself of this sin.
Do it. You'll feel much better.
Believe me... l know it...
You know it...
My God, what an appalling
l didn't kill her!
l did not do it!
l did not! l am telling you!
Do you hear me? l did not kill her!
You monsters...
Well, well... Write
it down, Sharapov!
Keeping in mind the brutality...
...and the particular
gravity of the offence...
...and considering that if released...
...lvan Sergeyevich Gruzdev can try to
evade the investigation and flee away...
...l choose to take him into custody.
Did you write it down?
Send him to the prison cell!
Tomorrow morning you
take Gruzdev's case.
We should finish it
as soon as possible...
...and do this ''Black cat'' gang.
To tell you the truth
l am sick and tired of them.
Listen, Volodya.
Try to remember this officer
of yours once again.
l have already told you.
He is taller than me,
...slim, and his face...
Well, women should like him.
He is brown-haired. Though it was dark
there. l couldn't see him clearly.
- Oh yeah, and he's got a dimple on his chin.
- Well, this one doesn't look like it.
- What?
- Never mind. Go on.
His nose is straight, his lips are thin.
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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