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Мечте навстречу

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planned to do...
No, don't say that. I don't want those last wills.
Don't you dare say that.
You will live, you must live!
Attention! People of the Earth. Turn on your TVs.
That's Mars speaking. Now you will see...
... a daughter of the far star,
saved by your kindness and bravery.
She is with us, and breathes the Earth air,
though was born under a different Sun.
Do you hear us, Mr. Laungton?
They've come to us with an open heart!
You said that you'll be happy
if your expectations were wrong
You were wrong, Mr. Laungton!
Be happy!
Yes, you shouldn't die.
Only one hour we spent
in the dreams of Andrey.
But his age-mates, not in dreams but in reality,
are singing songs for the Universe.
Are singing and will sing
new and more new songs.
Hey, where are you?
Andrey, Tanyusha!
Come here!
You know what happened?
Hurry up!
Moscow speaks!
All the radio stations of
the Soviet Union are working!
This is information from
the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union!
According to the program of the
circumsolar space research --
spaceship "OCEAN" has been
launched to Mars.
Мечте навстречу

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