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of sattelites around Mars, --
I will land on Phobos, leave "METEOR" --
and will land in
an emergency ship on Mars.
I thought about it.
It's a huge risk -
a minor mistake and...
Sergey Petrovich,
risk will be in any case.
Me and Andrey have made
all the necessary calculations.
Well, call for Andrey.
So the second spaceship leaves the Moon
and moves forward to Mars, --
to launch satellites into the Mars orbit,
they will search for the lost cosmonauts of Centuria.
"OCEAN" crew was waiting.
Video satellites are working.
Good guys!
Tanya, it's sharp visibility!
Now we will find them, Paul!
After launching the devices for observation,
having not enough energy to land on Mars,
cosmonauts have approached Phobos - Mars satellite,
where the gravitation is far smaller,
and have succeded in landing.
Communicate with "OCEAN"
"Guys, how's Phobos? "
It's amazing. Now we are
going to observe it.
It's not necessary. Let's do it later.
Because you could be late for launching,
and thus could stay there for a week.
Remember, only 32 minutes left to launch.
We will contact you every 5 minutes.
- In 2 hours we will be on Mars.
- Hoping for a warm meeting.
Hurry up, we have a wind here,
very strong wind.
Be careful.
I repeat, we contact
you every 5 minutes.
Ivan, what's that shadow?
It's Centuria cosmonauts!
We are looking for them on Mars,
but they've landed here on Phobos!
why do you not response?
Answer, "METEOR"!
17 minutes left to launch, answer!
Answer, "METEOR"!
"OCEAN" listens to you, why no response?
What happened?
Tanya, give me Vassily, please
It's me.
Listen, they are on Phobos.
Who are "they"?
Cosmonauts from Centuria.
One of them is alive. Here are three
of us now, and the ship takes only two.
You understand?
Someone must stay on Phobos.
- Is there any possibility?
- Only to wait.
To wait?
To wait.
How long to wait?
Why can't you decide, Ivan?
I must stay here.
You know it, I've never controlled
an emergency ship with so much loading.
We have no choice
It's not just the cosmonaut.
Think what you're risking.
A human from another planet.
Don't persist, Ivan.
If we'll be late for launching,
we all die.
Don't persist, Vanya.
"Emergency ship",
where are you?
We can't see you.
Keep in mind - there's a storm,
dust-storm the whole way up to the equator
- Equator?
- Batalov...
Yes. Up to the equator.
"Emergency ship"!
I am "emergency ship",
I'm going to land.
Your coordinates please, repeat.
Once again, repeat.
I am landing in the area of Starship.
"Emergency ship", I am "OCEAN",
please answer, answer!
Contact with "Emergency ship"
could be not resumed.
We can't waste time!
I am Batalov, we've
landed in the area of the Starship.
The emergency ship has exploded.
Turn on radio beacon.
Roger that,
turning on radio beacon.
Space maps, navigator is defining the
further route more exactly for the last time.
Guys, let's sing a song before launching,
We have 14 minutes to go.
My friends, I believe caravans of spaceships
will deliver us from a star to another star.
Our footprints will be left on
dusty paths of distant planets.
Our footprints will be left on
dusty paths of distant planets.
"OCEAN", I'm Batalov, have
landed in the area of the Starship.
Andrey, answer. What happened?
Answer, Andrey, answer...
"METEOR", answer!
Living and believing is wonderful.
We have unprecedented voyages in the future.
Cosmonauts and dreamers say
that apple trees will be in flower on Mars.
I became a friend of far stars,
Don't worry about me and don't be sad.
While leaving the Earth we promised
That apple trees would be in flower on Mars.
While leaving the Earth we promised
That apple trees would be in flower on Mars.
Tanyusha, I hear you.
Andrey, so why did you not answer?
I thought about the Earth,
about you.
I wrote that song for you.
Do you remember it?
All that I have done on the Earth, Tanya,
and what I
Мечте навстречу Мечте навстречу

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