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Мечте навстречу

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the intelligence and science of our planet,
gather all the needed things together.
And money, Mr. Laungton... Who can
believe that our powerful planet --
which recently spent billions
for militarization, can not...
- Fly! We should fly!
- Right on!
He's right, Mr. Laungton,
we cosmonauts are ready to fly to Mars.
Crashed in the area of Mars,
cosmonauts of Centuria --
transmitted SOS signals not to
Russians or Americans, Frenchmen or Arabians.
They addressed it to the
whole our planet, its collective mind.
Comrades, friends, ladies and gentlemen
Spaceship "OCEAN" made by
the nations of our country --
was to be launched
in half a year --
when an advantageous
arrangement of planets will occur.
But the situation is now changed, --
and we ought to fly immediately
and with maxmum speed.
But this is impossible without
the express delivering of --
a huge amount of energetic
resources to the Moon.
And despite difference of opinions,
people of Earth decided to fly.
Tens of shuttles flew to the Moon to deliver
energy for supporting spaceship "OCEAN" --
which is ready to fly to Mars.
We are leaving our home planet
to spread our Earth truth.
Through stars and planets,
Flying faster than light.
For making it possible for Earth to sound
everywhere with a long-expected signal.
I am Earth, I will never forget my children,
sons and daughters
Fly to the Sun
and hurry to come back home.
We will fly to the Sun
and will hurry to come back home.
Our purposes are high and distant
Our ancestors who helped the Earth to be beautiful
are with us on our star way.
So let the commander's order and mother's
instructions sound for us and them.
I am Earth, I will never forget my children,
sons and daughters
Fly to the Sun
and hurry to come back home.
We will fly to the Sun
and will hurry to come back home.
So what about Mars' behaviour?
- Silent, no life signs.
- So we should be looking for?
No life signs.
Attention! "The Earth" calls for
commander of cargo spaceship "RDU-12"!
I repeat! "The Earth" calls for
commander of cargo spaceship "RDU-12"!
I got it! Look.
- Lusya, when?
- The Earth channel is busy.
- My order?
- Later.
Lusenka, Lake of Dreams please.
Guys, don't waste your time.
My apologies, I am new here on the Moon.
Santos Rem, journalist.
I ask you, please.
Unfortunately, all channels
are busy right now, Mr. Rem.
That's predictable.
I'll wait.
The weather on Earth
was beautiful yesterday.
You like it?
That's for you.
What a beauty!
- Yeah...
- That's great for sure, but what
is the result of flight "Mars-3"?
Are your supposals confirmed?
Yes, they are confirmed.
But lots of aspects are still unclear,
and surprises are possible at every step.
But we can't wait anymore.
Even during minutes of great events,
there's always a cluster of people --
for whom a loud report of an event
is more important than the event itself.
They are always ready to
rush to the middle of event, --
and nobody knows
the question they'll ask again.
Why are you flying to Mars?
It's worth it to fly to.
Ivan, what happened?
Oh, by the way, it's Commander,
he could help your newspaper.
I am at your service.
Excuse me, I have...
Mr. Commander, that's for my newspaper.
What are you flying to Mars for?
What for? To return to the Earth.
- And bring the smile from a different world.
- Oh...
Yes, but only two of you, and we
know that three of you should fly.
So, who's the third one?
Like a drummer friend said:
"One more beat and the music is over".
Tanyusha, come in.
If you're interested
in orbital flights...
I want... I want to say
happy birthday to you.
Because... You know... I...
I know. Because "the order is given -
he should move to Phobos... "
Report about readiness.
"We have passed 75 million km. Mars in sizes is
like a dish from here. What if we... "
"Recreation time"
Is it lunch already?
Even far away from the Earth,
Мечте навстречу Мечте навстречу

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