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"Towards the Dream"
Odessa Film Studio Production
Plot: A. Berdnik,
I. Bondin, M. Karyukov
Camera: A. Gerasimov
Music composers:
Vano Muradeli and Edward Artemiev
Directed by:
Mikhail Karyukov, Otar Koberidze
That is our Planet.
From distance it is like the usual school globe.
Let's look through clouds.
But let's not ask earthmen about this city's name
and the title of this scientific center --
on the shore of warm blue sea.
Fishermen and poets, schoolboys and academicians,
astronomers and cosmonauts live here.
It's Sunday today,
and everyone is spending it in his own way.
This is the operator of the computer centre - Paul.
He is a joker and chess player.
Never failed in playing chess to his friend Andrey.
Andrey - specializes in sky mechanics.
Writes songs and dreams of remote stars.
He believes stars are populated.
Ivan Batalov. Engineer and amateur painter.
He draws cartoons of friends in his album.
This restrained man of few words
is nicknamed Commander by his friends.
Academician Krylov. Head astronomer,
compiler of star atlas.
He meets today his foreign colleague -
Dr. Laungton
They have an old dispute - what kind of event will be
probable upon the meeting of Earth and space aliens.
I. S. Shklovsky
The Universe. The Life. The Mind.
Tanya. Radio-astronomer.
She listens to mysterious voices of far stars.
Today she's recorded strange,
unusual signals from space.
What if these ones are exactly those signals
which The Earth been waiting for many years?
Hurry up to Andrey!
- Give me your hand!
- Stop laughing, Andrey, I'm serious.
What if it's really the signals
coming from another world?
Look out, Tanya!
Have you really never thought about it?
Never thought about it.
Never thought?
And what is that device
which you demonstrated to Paul?
Device? It's a typical crystalphone.
Show me?
Nothing interesting.
Just dreams in spare time.
I will not ask you anymore.
Are you serious?
OK, here you are, listen to it.
Living and believing is wonderful.
We have unprecedented voyages in the future.
Cosmonausts and dreamers say
that apple trees will be in flower on Mars
That's good when your friends are with you.
It's easier to come across the whole Universe.
Stars will meet the Earth in flower,
And apple trees will be in flower on Mars
Overcoming endless space distances,
the Earth song has reached the planet Centuria,
and the greatest and most beautiful event
in the Universe happened --
people of one planet have heard
a voice of another planet.
I became a friend of far stars,
don't worry about me and don't be sad
While leaving the Earth we promised
that apple trees would be in flower on Mars.
While leaving the Earth we promised
That apple trees would be in flowers on the Mars.
But what kind of feeling the Earth song
has evoked in their hearts?
Fear or joy?
And what if they are to give the Earth a challenge?
That's what Dr. Laungton thinks of.
Hostile challenge.
No. Such a way of thinking is only for a man
who doesn't believe in the power of mind.
Scientists of the planet Centuria have known
that the Earth is populated
And they decided to fly, only fly.
But people of Earth didn't expect
guests from the Universe.
- I flew to the Moon, and you will fly to Mars
- There's lack of water on Mars. No cocktails at all.
Especially for you, gourmet, pikes
will be bred in Mars puddles.
You're completely right.
- Only in the case if crucian carps will be there.
- Crucian carps? What are you talking about?
Attention! All the cosmonauts except those who are
under observation in thermo chambers and isolation chambers,
please get together on the Gagarin Square.
Attention! All the cosmonauts except those who are
under observation in thermo chambers and isolation chambers,
please get together on the Gagarin Square.
- So Ivan, we will fly?
- Possibly, but our routes could be different.
Hey, guys, hurry up!
Like in the
Мечте навстречу

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