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broke out.
Otherwise l wouldn't have been born.
Not too bad. Where is the horse?
-What horse?
- The horse l'm to repair.
Forget about it.
Listen, have some rest.
l'll be waiting oryou at 6 sharp
at the cafe.
And don't be late.
What cafe are you talking about?
Damned aristocrate!
Damned proletary!
Flobert loved one woman for
all his life.
lt was Louise Collet.
But he never married her.
When he was asked about the reason,
do you knowwhat his answerwas?
He said that she might have entered
his study.
Do you grasp my message?
She might have entered my study.
-Was he a gynecologist?
- No.
-What do you want?
- l hate worrying you.
Do you remember me? l was here
in the morning.
l need to chage the train.
l bought the ticket fortomorrow.
But l need to leave today.
l need it very much.
lt is an issue of life
and death.
You're so kind, clever, beautiful
and happy.
Please, help me.
l need to leave the place very much.
l need to leave.
Please, help me.
Can l have yourticket?
But you'll have to change
trains and take a commutertrain.
Just a minute.
Listen, dear, don't sell this ticket
to anyone.
l'll be back in an hour. l need...
What a vermin!
l'll be back.
What a psycho!
l'm sorry.
Nadezhda, halt!
l got it.
Sometimes the previous day is perceived
like the previous year.
Sometimes the previous year is perceived
like the previous day.
Sometimes the next year seems to look
like the previous day.
But it is different pair of shoes.
Do you understand me?
- Nothing. lt wasn't me
who invented this thought. l read it
in the books.
And you're not much of a reader,
aren't you?
Why? l like the poems.
l like Brodsky.
l like him too. You look
very strangely.
Who are you trying to
run awayfrom?
Any escape makes no sense.
Why are you trying to escape?
There is nowhere to hide.
lt won't help you. The simplest option
is to have a good sleep.
Sleeping is very healthy. Would you
like a carrot?
Women who eat 2 carrots a day
decrase the risk of having a heart
attack by 22 per cent.
The probability of ever having a
brain stroke is decreased by 70 per cent.
Can you imagine that?
Bythe way, your escape is over.
Greta is yourfinal destination.
Greta is me.
That's howthe things are.
l even dreamt ofthe elephants tonight.
And afterthat you came to my library.
Do you notice the coincidence?
Think whetheryou need anyfurther
There must be some purpose of
your arrival here.
l'll finish working at 7.
l'll be waiting foryou at the library entrance.
Don't forget your elephant.
Aren't we late?
Why are you so early?
We agreed about some latertime.
Well, now he invites both my
Mom and me to Paris.
- Can you imagine that?
- Listen, l have a request foryou.
Change you mien. We had no deal about
such gloomy expressions.
We spoke about strolling around
the city.
- Ticket...
-What ticket?
Where is myticket?
Have you lost it? lt is bad.
l've told you to hand it overto me.
Well, what claims do you have upon me?
Me? l have no claims on you.
Why all this distrust?
What are all these doublechecks for?
Have you taken the ticket?
- No!
-And l sayyes!
- Don't shout at me!
Stop! l want to have a clear vision
ofyour basic claims.
Shoot! Have l bought your elephant?
Hey, you!
Yes, l have. Are we walking around the city?
Yes, we are.
l didn't repairyour horse. But it
was you who stopped it.
Nadezhda, we eithertrust each other or
part. That's all.
Stop it! Stop making all this fuss!
l trust you.
What is this?
Nowwe proceed to the walk.
Hey, take me down!
Don't break myfingers!
Thank you again.
Give yourticket to me.
May l have yourticket?
May l have it?
May l have yourticket?
May l have yourticket?
Forget it.
Give it to me.
Just a second. Haven't l...
l have seen you today.
You are the girl with the longest
braid in Russia.
You are the winner ofthe Miss Braid
of Russia pageant,

- 300

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