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an optical afterglow,
An optical afterglow? l've never heard
of such a disease.
Do you see me in pink now?
Whoops! What was it?
What a morone! What ajerk!
-Whare are you going?
- Have you returned to your old ways?
Look at where you are going.
And l also have a
vivid sense of beauty.
-At least Greta says so.
-A vivid feeling ofwhat?
Of beauty. When l see a woman,
l see how she looks
when she's not beautiful.
For example, when she's plucking her
when she screams orwakes at 5 am with
a wrinkled face.
The look is very disgusting.
- Listen, and this Greta ofyours...
- Greta?
-Yes, your Greta...
- She's my only one. She's so beautiful.
She's always beautiful.
Even in the mornings.
She's like a movie star.
Have you ever noticed that movie girls
always wake up looking so beautiful?
They always wear make up in the morning.
- Take awayyour hands l'll do it myself.
- Let me help you.
- Don't even touch it. l'll do it myself.
- Let me help you.
Give the cage to Grisha. He'sjust
paid for it.
Listen, do you have a cargo receipt?
Orjust a receipt?
- Do you have anything ofthis?
-Are you mad? Carriage attendants don't
issue any receipts.
- Give it to me, be so kind.
- Please give it to him. l'll payfor it myself.
Listen to your Mom's words, Lara.
First, l don't evertake any money
from the relatives.
And second, l don't have
anything to give to you.
Here it is at last.
Damn, where is the restroom?
Would you mind telling me
where the restroom is?
Galya, this man is from Moscow.
He's my good friend. He's almost
my relative.
- ls he from Moscow?
-Yes, he's from Moscow.
- Did you come here to see someone?
- No, l wasjust passing by.
- Consider me a tourist.
- Can you imagine a tourist in our city?
-You really made me laught.
-Where is the restroom?
Gala, this man needs to take a leak.
To take a leak?
Nadya, daughter!
Change the setup in the restroom.
We have guests from Moscow here.
- He's a tourist.
- Bythe way,
in the civilized countries
this service
is paid for.
OK, l'll pay.
How much does it cost?
Forget it. This is the way Nadyajokes.
The restroom is overthere downstairs.
But it is not too convenient.
lt is also dark there. So watch your
step while descending.
Watch your step.
The fuses have gone out.
Mommy, let's read the letter inside.
How manytimes can we do that again?
You seem to know it by heart.
- Galina, don't be a pain in the neck.
-All right.
You won't get off my neck otherwise.
Dear Galina! Thank you
for answering my letter.
l'm glad to inform you about
some of my personal details.
l think we could establish
a better rapport afterthat.
l'm 6 feet 2. l weigh 170 pounds.
l'm 59.
- ls this his phone number?
- No.
These are his vital statistics.
l'm well-built.
l have a secondary professional
l'm a good mixer. My character is
pretty balanced.
l'm patient and capable
of deep emotions.
l'm an easy-going person.
l lead a
healthyway of life.
l neither drink nor smoke. l like
classical music.
l like theater, opera and ballet.
l like travelling. l have no criminal
l have no ties with the underworld. l'm
not a member of any religious sects.
l'm looking for a girlfriend of similar
She must be slim, energetic
and have traditional moral values.
She must have no bad habits as l wish to
build a lasting matrimonial relationship with her.
There is something
about you in this letter.
l will take a single enfant mother.
l received your photo.
You're so beautiful.
Moomy, whose photo did you send
to him?
Wow! lt is something!
When he sees me,
he'll never marry me.
What are you going to paywith?
- Money.
- Cash?
-Are there any other money?
- Lyuda, stop spoiling his appetite.
Listen, where do all these soft toys
come from here?
But this is the city of Mars.
Haven't you heard about us before?
Our city hosts the largest soft toy
The plant employs almost

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