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much too old
and far too smart for that.
But we must talk. Truthfully.
- Are you to be trusted?
- No.
Is that the truth, or are you
trying again to upset me?
- You'll go to the bank sooner or later.
- Perhaps I've already been.
If so, you wouldn't be here with me.
- What else do you know?
- I know you're panicking.
- You think you'll get robbed.
- Who would do that?
- Obviously, you think I would.
- Well?
- Can I trust you?
- You never could. You only had to.
We're talking of my safety.
- May I be candid?
- Yes.
I couldn't give a fuck about you...
Hello? Hi, Elsa. Are you all right?
Did you get my note?
I've been trying you for two hours.
Finally, I just went running.
- I'm sorry about your brother.
- It doesn't matter.
It does!
- I don't care. Forget it. It didn't happen.
- I wanted to explain.
I lied about the Swiss, because...
Take it easy, will you? I can't
understand. Let me come over.
OK? I'll take a shower,
I'll be there? Thanks. OK, bye.
- What? What?
- Babe...
I can't hear.
You look at me
like I'm doing something wrong,
like I did something wrong,
I don't understand it.
- I don't know anything.
- Your name?
- I told you my name!
- Take it easy.
- Thomas Babbington Levy.
- You're a student.
I come from a family of historians.
My card is proof.
Please put the papers down.
Tell them. Put the papers down!
- Take it easy. What's in the papers?
- It's a paper I'm writing.
- Would you tell me who this is?
- It's my father.
Where can we contact him?
He... He's not alive any more.
- Is this yours?
- Yes. The licence is in the drawer.
I don't know anything. Why ask
about this? It has nothing to do with it.
OK, enough.
- Here.
- Thanks.
I know this wasn't easy
and this is a bad time for you,
but it's gotta be done,
you can understand that, right?
Good evening, sir.
- Whoever did it must have set him up.
- Get them all out of here.
I'll get the ambulance guys.
I'm sorry to intrude.
I was a friend of your brother's.
My name is Peter Janeway.
Call me Janey. All my friends do.
I'm not your friend.
- I'm anxious as you to find who did this.
- I'm a little more anxious.
- I think it may have been political.
- Political? Why?
Considering what your brother did.
And your father, of course.
- What about my father?
- He was H. V. Levy, for Chrissakes.
He's been dead for 20 years, and he
was innocent. What are you saying?
Get off my back!
They've been after me for two hours!
- I didn't mean to imply...
- They told me they were done!
What are you saying?!
I'm sorry.
Come in.
Why don't we begin
with what happened tonight?
Perhaps you could...
give me some of the details.
I was here. Doc died. You came.
That's it?
I'm a demon for details.
- You want me to explain, then?
- That's right.
- Where did your brother live?
- In Washington.
- What did he do?
- Oil business.
Wrong. I know exactly
how Doc made his living.
The closest he got to the oil business
was when he filled up with gas.
- Tell me what you're talking about.
- All right. Follow me.
Doc lived in Washington,
which is the centre of...?
- Government.
- Correct.
All the branches are competitive.
Truth is they're all paranoid schmucks.
When the gap gets too large between
what the FBI can handle effectively
and what the CIA doesn't
wanna deal with, we step in.
- Who's we?
- The Division.
- And my brother worked with you?
- Yes.
You're full of shit.
- What do you do exactly?
- We provide.
- Provide what?
- Anything.
And you two work together?
Why didn't Doc tell me?
Why did he lie to me?
He was afraid you'd be
disappointed in him, I expect.
We were very close
for many years. Believe me.
I know whereof I speak.
Doc was desperate to get here.
Remember anything he said?
He said... my name a couple of times.
OK, I'm just guessing now, but...
...whoever killed him
will probably want to speak to you.
- I don't know anything.


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