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Vent, '71 .
Don't you ever clean
this armpit of a place?
How can you live like this?
I'm down in Washington.
- Here we go.
- I can put you up. Go to Georgetown.
No, thank you,
but I prefer my hovel. I'll do it.
- Thanks.
- You did it, huh?
- You really are uncouth.
- You wanted glasses.
You didn't say they needed
to be clean, asshole.
- So, how's business?
- The oil business is always good.
Just a bunch of polluters and thieves.
It's a crazy world. Any way you
can skin it is your business. Cheers.
Up yours.
- Irmgard must love your style.
- We don't drink this shit.
- What happened in the park?
- Exactly what I wrote you.
- How many?
- Two.
- Kids?
- They were more like businessmen.
They looked like you.
They had suits on.
What's this?
More bullshit for your thesis?
Some interviews about Dad.
Read them.
- Not interested.
- I just want you to read it.
Face it. The old man is dead.
He was a drunk. He killed himself.
He didn't start to drink till after
the hearings. I got it from his friends.
- Where were those people then?
- They were afraid.
- You're throwing your life away.
- I don't think so.
- Nothing you write will change that!
- Give me the courtesy to read it!
It's over! Forget it!
Maybe for you.
Do you want me to become
a corporate hustler like you?
- My life's thrown away, anyway.
- What do you mean?
I'm supposed to be the best
in my business.
I'm the best because people
think I am the best.
I'm past it. I know it.
Soon it'll become common knowledge.
Boy, something has gotten you.
I bet you still have that goddamn gun.
Why do you keep it?
I don't know.
For a liberal pacifist you've got
some sense of vengeance.
Is Helga as morbid as you?
I know you're trying to bait me.
You know her name isn't Helga.
Or Ursula or Irmgard.
- You know what her name is!
- All right, all right.
Can I take you and Elsa
to lunch tomorrow?
- But don't eat with your fingers.
- I promise.
- It's a deal. OK, I get the bed.
- Same as always.
You have any clean sheets?
I think I may have one left.
- I really wanted to say that...
- What?
I'm glad to see you.
I'm glad you came down.
- When did you last take a subway?
- About 1962.
Excuse me, sir.
Would you mind putting on this tie?
- Why?
- It's a rule of the house.
- You have to wear a tie here.
- I don't have a button.
- Put it here. Would you like me to help?
- No, I can do it.
- Fine. Thank you very much.
- What a klutz.
- How could you forget a tie?
- Who wears a tie for lunch?
At least his fly is buttoned.
The truffles en croute here
are marvellous.
And if you get hungry,
I'll send the waiter to McDonald's.
- Does it look all right?
- Perfect.
- Number 36, Chablis Grand Cru.
- Yes, sir.
The great Chablis of the world
are almost always green-eyed.
In fact, they're the ones
that most resemble diamonds.
Please, start.
- You approve?
- Mmm, too much. It's delicious.
It should be. I could pay my tuition
for what this meal costs.
See the watch he gave me
the last time he was here?
Do you miss home? I bet you do.
What do you miss most of all?
The people? The country? Skiing?
- I suppose all.
- I'm not that familiar with Switzerland.
- What part are you from?
- A tiny place. Verbier.
- Verbier? I don't believe it!
- What?
A guy in my office, a ski bum, a pain
in the ass about skiing. Excuse me.
He's always going on about Verbier.
Right at the foot of Mount Rosa?
- It's the best skiing in the world. True?
- Of course.
- Was he a hundred percent right?
- Sure.
You must know Claude LeSeur.
Have you skied with him?
- Yeah!
- Where is it?
- Verbier.
- Verbier.
I've made all this up. There's no Mount
Rosa in Verbier or Claude LeSeur.
You're not Swiss. What are you?
What are you?
- Can't you guess?
- Sure. German.
- Anything else?
- How long are your papers good for?
Wait. If this is a joke, it's not funny.
I don't need work papers.

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