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- Aren't you embarrassed now?
- Yeah, I'm humiliated.
Why do you pursue people
who sit at your library table?
I don't. It's just that... you're pretty.
I can't talk about how smart you are.
I don't know you. I'm done lying.
Are you always
so incompetent with women?
- Today is above average for me.
- Congratulations. Good night.
That's too bad.
I could make you so happy.
I'm smart as a whip. You won't meet
another thief like me in a library.
Why don't you say you'll see me?
All right. I'll see you again.
- But it won't come to anything.
- You can't tell.
Yes, I can.
- How do you say seals in French?
- Phoques.
So you look at the phoque?
How do you spell that?
- You don't believe it.
- How do you spell it?
- F-o-c.
- No "k"?
- Pigeons.
- Pigeons.
- lphant.
- I like you.
I like you, too.
Je... vous aime bien.
- Merde.
- I know.
- What's the time?
- 11 .47. You're faster.
- It's 'cause of you.
- Come on. Lunch!
- One more!
- Oh, no!
No, Babe. Not again.
Come on.
I can't!
Neither can I.
Thank God!
Come on.
Babe! Babe.
"Dear Doc, I don't feel much
like writing - too torn apart, I guess,"
"but maybe I ought to tell you
something about Elsa Opel."
"I met her recently. She's a history
student. I think she's Swiss."
"In a sense, I guess we are
what you might call smitten."
"Maybe I should tell you
what happened."
"We were in Central Park one night.
We stayed too late."
"You were right about this town,
'cause we finally got mugged."
"It's a funny thing. You always talk
about how I don't confront things."
"But I feel like
if I could find those guys,"
"for the first time I feel like I could,
maybe I could kill them."
"It's funny, 'cause I never knew
I could feel like that inside."
"So what else is there to say?
There's nothing else new here."
"Reach me if you can. Babe."
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have news, unfortunately,
that there's been no solution
to the strike at Kennedy Airport.
We trust this won't cause you
too great an inconvenience
and that you will once again
fly with us. Muchas gracias.
Will passengers who have identified
their baggage please go to Customs.
The Land of Plenty.
They were always so confident
God was on their side.
Now, I think they are not so sure.
Who's there? Who is it?
I got a gun.
I got a gun.
- Articulate as always.
- Prick. You scared the shit out of me.
- What time is it?
- Don't know. Must be about midnight.
- Why didn't you say you were coming?
- I wanted to test your reflexes.
- Still challenging me?
- As always.
Don't worry about me.
Worry about yourself.
Waking me up in the middle
of the night. What's the matter?
Doesn't matter.
I could take you with one hand.
- How are you?
- Fine. How are you?
- You look terrific.
- You look terrific. What happened?
A lousy bottle of Mouton broke on me.
Hey, get some glasses.
Do I have to hear a lecture
on the glories of a Burgundy again?
This is a Beaujolais, schmuck.
Moulin  Vent, '71.
Don't you ever clean
this armpit of a place?
How can you live like this?
I'm down in Washington.
- Here we go.
- I can put you up. Go to Georgetown.
No, thank you,
but I prefer my hovel. I'll do it.
- Thanks.
- You did it, huh?
- You really are uncouth.
- You wanted glasses.
You didn't say they needed
to be clean, asshole.
- So, how's business?
- The oil business is always good.
Just a bunch of polluters and thieves.
It's a crazy world. Any way you
can skin it is your business. Cheers.
Up yours.
- Irmgard must love your style.
- We don't drink this shit.
- What happened in the park?
- Exactly what I wrote you.
- How many?
- Two.
- Kids?
- They were more like businessmen.
They looked like you.
They had suits on.
What's this?
More bullshit for your thesis?
Some interviews about Dad.
Read them.
- Not interested.
- I just want you to read it.
Face it. The old man is dead.
He was a drunk. He killed


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