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wanted to visit London.
I suggest you hurry
while it's still there.
I thank you for your time. I'm sorry.
90,000 is far too high for me.
Our little shop isn't
that fashionable. Thank you.
I know that man. It can't be...
...Szell? Szell. Szell!
Szell! Szell!
My God! Stop him!
Szell! Stop Szell!
It's Szell. Der Weibe EngeI!
Der Weibe EngeI is here.
Oh, my God. Stop him.
Stop him! Der Weibe EngeI!
Der Weibe EngeI.
He has to be stopped.
My God! He gets away.
Der Weibe EngeI is here!
Szell. Stop him! Oh, please help me.
He's a beast.
He's a murderer. You must stop him.
Oh, my God, there he goes!
- He's getting away!
- She's crazy.
Der Weibe EngeI is here!
Stop him! Stop him!
I will stop him! I will stop him!
The beast! The beast!
I know who you are, you murderer.
I know who you are!
Help! Help!
The man needs help here!
Help! Quick! A doctor! Quick!
58th Street and Madison.
- Morning, sir. Thank you.
- Thank you.
All finished, Henry. Thank you.
- Everything all right, Mrs Rosenheim?
- Oh, yes. See you next week.
There you are, sir.
Close the door for the light, sir.
No one can enter.
Everything all right, sir?
It isn't safe.
They're all dead. Move.
- You'd be foolish to do anything hasty.
- Move.
- I have things in my possession...
- Just keep moving.
Name is Arnie, walks with a limp,
green jacket, brown pants.
- What are you guys doing in here?
- We'll just be a little while.
- There's nobody allowed in here.
- Well, get out! Get out!
Hurry up!
OK, let's see what you got.
If you will just give me a chance
to get this open.
That's OK. Take your time.
All this happened because you were
afraid you were gonna be robbed?
But you weren't sure.
Jesus Christ.
I was in a state of hysteria, you know.
Don't you want to take
a closer look than that?
- No.
- You see...
...in a sense, one becomes
more emotionaI with age.
First after a lifetime of being taken
by friends and enemies alike,
and then, just when you think
you have your possession sure,
your health begins to go.
- That is, of course, the ultimate theft.
- That's close enough.
- In the circumstances, one's paranoia...
- Close enough!
- ... gets out of hand.
- Stop!
What are you going to do now,
shoot me?
No, I don't think so.
Then you'll take these from me.
If I could say a word about that?
No, you can keep them.
You can keep
as many as you can swallow.
Pardon me. I'm not quite sure
what you said. Swallow?
Yeah, swallow.
- You're joking.
- No, I don't think so.
I'm not joking. "Essen."
- "Essen!"
- No, wait!
That man who was here has seen
your gun! He'll bring others!
This is madness! Mad...
No. I won't.
You'll have to shoot me.
Come on. Shoot.
You won't.
You can't.
You're too weak.
Your father was weak in his way,
your brother in his, now you in yours.
You are all so predictable.
Go get them!I'll take that now, sir. Thank you.
- There you are, sir.
- Thank you.
- It's the heater switch.
- You told me that last week.
- You didn't leave it long enough.
- Work on it now.
- You got an appointment?
- What are you, a doctor?
The bakery workers' strike continues
with no bread for a week.
Unseasonable temperatures
for New York...
Gotta change... Come on, start.
- ...with a humidity of 79%.
- Damn.
I've gotta make an appointment?
- Get away from there!
- Get out of here!
What are you going to do?
Move that crate!
Will you move that heap!
- I'm talking to you, mister! Move!
- All right...
You're a menace! Do you know that,
you senile old cocker?
Don't you tell me to "langsamer",
you Kraut meathead!
- Langsamer!
- Go on!
You Limburger-loving schmuck!
Jude! You are a Jude!
You Nazi bastard!
Go on! Get going,
you Mercedes bastard!
Get going! How do you like that?
Come on!
Come on!
How do
Марафонец Марафонец

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