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deal with, we step in.
- Who's we?
- The Division.
- And my brother worked with you?
- Yes.
You're full of shit.
- What do you do exactly?
- We provide.
- Provide what?
- Anything.
And you two work together?
Why didn't Doc tell me?
Why did he lie to me?
He was afraid you'd be
disappointed in him, I expect.
We were very close
for many years. Believe me.
I know whereof I speak.
Doc was desperate to get here.
Remember anything he said?
He said...my name a couple of times.
OK, I'm just guessing now, but...
...whoever killed him
will probably want to speak to you.
- I don't know anything.
- They won't know till they talk with you.
I'm staying across the park,
at The Carlyle,
and if you don't mind,
I'd like to use you as bait.
- Bait.
- Yes.
- Will they come tonight?
- No.
I know it's risky, and I don't wanna
force you to do it. It's up to you.
All right.
All right, I got it. Here it is.
Turn it off. All right.
Shit. Jesus!
Help! Help! Please!
Somebody help me!
Help! Help!
Is it safe?
- Is it safe?
- Are you talking to me?
- Is it safe?
- Is what safe?
- Is it safe?
- I don't know what you mean.
I can't tell you
if something is safe or not
unless I know specifically
what you're talking about.
Is it safe?
Tell me what the "it" refers to.
Is it safe?
Yes, it's safe. It's very safe.
So safe you wouldn't believe it.
Is it safe?
No, it's not safe.
It's very dangerous. Be careful.
Relax, relax. Come on. Open.
Open. It's OK.
That hurt? I should think it would.
You should take better care of your
teeth. You have quite a cavity here.
- Is it safe?
- I told you I can't tell you...
- Think he knows?
- Of course. He's being very stubborn.
No, please. Please don't. No.
It's OK.
Is it not remarkable?
Simple oil of cloves
and how amazing the results.
Life can be that simple;
relief - discomfort.
Now, which of these I next apply,
that decision is in your hands, so...
...take your time and tell me.
- Is it safe?
- Please...
Please stop.
- Take him.
- I got him.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Things are coming together.
Down, or your head gets blown off.
Those two guys I wasted work
for Christian Szell. Know that name?
- No.
- He did experiments at Auschwitz.
He was called The White Angel,
Der WeiBe Engel, due to his white hair.
The wealthiest and most wanted Nazi
left alive. He's hiding out in Uruguay.
In '45 Szell told Jews in Auschwitz
he'd help them escape for a price.
He started out with gold, naturally,
but went on to diamonds. Heard this?
Szell saw the end early.
His brother took the diamonds to
America, to a safe deposit box in NY.
Szell's brother had the key. The only
other key Szell kept in Uruguay.
If he comes out to use it,
he'll expose himself to great risk.
Everything went fine
till his brother got killed by an oil truck.
Why was it natural to start with gold?
He took it from the Jews' teeth before
he burned them. Szell was a dentist.
He's not coming to America,
Mr Janeway. He's here.
- No. We'd have known it.
- The dentist almost killed me.
- He kept saying, "Is it safe?"
- White hair? Keep your head down!
- Did he have white hair?
- He was bald.
He's shaved his head!
He's here, and he's panicked.
- Why is he after me?
- Your brother was a diamond courier.
Szell thinks Doc said something to you
before he died. Did he?
- You say my brother worked for Szell?
- No! He worked for us.
Everything we do cuts both ways.
Szell ratted on all his buddies.
He kept track on all the Nazis.
When we wanted to bring one in,
we went to Szell.
Babe, you gotta do one thing for me,
just one thing.
- Quit protecting Doc!
- I'm not.
- He kept alive to say something.
- He didn't.
He must have. Tell me!
- Nothing!
- Shit!
I thought you killed them.
You killed them!
You killed them!
You killed them!
You fucking killed them!
You killed my brother!
I don't think he


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