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It's called progress.
Manufactured doctorates
is called progress.
I say, "Let us hush this cry of progress
till 10,000 years have passed."
That's a quote. Who said that?
Come on. Who said that?
Well, somebody
must know the answer!
Tennyson, Alfred Lord Tennyson.
You can't compete on a doctoral level
and not know "Locksley Hall".
I hope you all flunk! Dismissed.
- Levy?
- Yeah.
I knew your father.
Rather well, in point of fact.
He was my mentor.
I know.
- There was another of you.
- I have an older brother.
A rich successful businessman.
My father would have disowned him.
Why are you at Columbia
for your doctorate?
It's not just the way things worked out.
You're father got his at Columbia.
You can't fill his footsteps,
I'm sorry to say.
You might end up leaving
larger tracks than Dad,
but they'll be your tracks,
they won't be his.
Why didn't you answer that Tennyson
question? It was obvious you knew.
I... I don't know.
How am I to fathom your mind
if you continue to hide it from me?
If you persist,
I'll conclude you're a drone.
The McCarthy section
is central to your dissertation, yes?
The McCarthy section
is central to your dissertation, yes?
- Yes.
- Very worrisome.
You wish to write about a period in
our history that destroyed your father.
But we're talking about
an objective doctoral thesis.
It mustn't become a hysterical crusade.
That's not the way to clear him.
All right, you may go.
I don't have to worry about clearing him,
because he was innocent.
- Don't you think he was innocent, sir?
- No, I think he was guilty.
He was guilty of being arrogant
and brilliant and of being nave.
Of not being able to cope with
the humiliation of being dismissed.
But of the charges
I know he was innocent.
And if it matters, Levy,
I wept the day he died.
It was a bad day for all of us, sir.
Under no circumstances do anything,
but call as soon as you...
Yes, I have the number. Bye.
Bonjour. Commander.
We're meeting tonight, right?
- At the hotel?
- No, make it the Palais Royal.
- Same time, then.
- I don't know. I'm going to the opera.
- You go to the opera? Bye.
- Goodbye.
There's something going on here
that we don't know about.
- Can't you be more specific?
- Yes.
I almost got my ass blown off
at the flea market.
I'd like to find out by whom and why.
Also, LeClerc was not expecting me.
You sure you're not overusing
your limited imagination?
The bomb was not imaginary.
Three bombs a day have gone off
since the strikes began.
- I know that.
- Everyone with a grievance is busy.
- Am I crazy?
- Yeah, you're crazy.
- But you'll check it out?
- Of course.
Why do you need to be reassured?
We use you because you're the best.
I'm sorry I'm so late. I was down...
LeClerc, want to hear
something really silly?
Keep going, keep going.
LeClerc's dead.
It's not safe.
- Division.
- Scylla.
- Yes, Scylla?
- Removals.
- My hotel.
- Room 72?
- And...alert the clinic.
- OK, Scylla.
What was all that about?
I was just telling him
how you fucked up my tennis game.
- What did he say?
- Well...
We won't be playing
doubles for a while.
Can you move it?
- That's it?
- That's it.
That's not bad.
Szell's brother's been killed,
in Manhattan.
An accident with an oil truck.
Oh, boy.
- Any changes?
- Only everything.
They're getting all the couriers.
Please could you tell me,
Boss Tweed, around 1875...?
Boss, is that his name? Boss?
No, that's his nickname.
William Marcy Tweed.
- Marthy...?
- I'll write it down for you.
They called him Boss, because...
...he was a corrupt politician.
He had a bunch of political hacks
called The Tweed Ring.
This I know. Thank you.
- Could I have the pencil, please?
- It's mine.
Miss Opel!
Miss Opel!
Miss Opel. Hi. Sorry.
You forgot your book.
I thought it might be important.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Bye.
Your name and address
were on the

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