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Security alert! Man in leather jacket!
Come on! Get....
All units, code 2.
Perpetrator on main floor.
Roger. Over and out.
Come on, Terminator. Duty calls.
Excuse me.
Call the police!
The SWATteam.
Go away.
Get him!
Nice dog.
Where did he go?
There he is!
-Get him!
-You're finished, Switcher!
You've had it, Switcher!
Get me out of here!
Put me down, you idiot!
Let's go.
You've had it, Switcher!
I'm gonna get you!
You're finished, little Switcher!
Yoo-hoo boys!
Way to go, buddy!
Two things I love to do:
that's fight and kiss boys. Come on!
Come and get me, Sister Maryella.
What's the matter, honey? Come on.
This is what being a man is all about,
You can't come in here.
Mine's bigger than yours is.
Why can't we get
that damn water turned off?
Shoot him!
Jonathan, you saved me.
It's nothing, really.
I'm alive.
He can see me and I'm still alive!
You are!
Thank you!
-Thank you.
-What is it?
-You're gonna have to love me forever.
-I always have, I always will.
-Get out of the way, doofus!
-Move, damn it!
It's a miracle!
Stop it!
You little creep! Stop touching me!
Get away from me!
Please don't touch me!
-Jesus, it's the heat!
Now, this is Emmy.
Mama, put the coins on my eyes, 'cause
I sure don't believe what I am seeing.
There he is.
Arrest that man. Who's she?
She's who I came for.
She's the dummy!
I said, "Arrest that man!"
Keep your hands off him!
Claire, thank goodness you're here.
These people....
Shut up! B.J., you really screwed up.
What are you talking about?
When I fired this idiot the other day,
I decided to replace him...
...with one of those camera
surveillance systems.
I have Richards
and this moron on videotape.
I was sure you were behind this.
You greedy snake!
I want those two arrested
for breaking and entering and grand theft.
I'll get you later for conspiracy.
You can add kidnapping to that, too.
-Kidnapping? Who?
Who are you?
She's the dummy!
This poor man is having a breakdown.
Get him out of here!
She's the dummy!
-She's the dummy!
-Please, don't use force.
Mamal I want my mamal
Mrs. Timkin, those video cameras,
did they pick up...
...everything last night?
I only saw what I needed to see.
Just where did you come from?
Roxie, you would never understand.
There must be some arrangement
we can make?
Cram it, clown!
-Come on, now.
-No, boys.
You know, I see executive potential here.
Roxie, you're fired!
You'll never work in this town again!
How am I gonna pay my bills, my rent,
my new watch, my car....


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