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Good questions all, sir.
Find out the answers!
Yes, sir! What about little Rambo?
Screw your dog!
Let's go, people, clear out.
-Clear out, lady!
-Stop pushing, okay? I'm going.
Come on, Rambo.
Tonight we nail that little fart blossom.
On behalf of Capt. Clark and the crew...
...we'd like to thank you
for flying with Eastern.
And we hope you enjoy
your fun-filled day in the Caribbean.
We deserve this vacation.
The sun feels pretty strong.
I could use some suntan lotion...
...if someone were willing to rub it on.
It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.
We are alone.
So, listen, we find him,
get a picture of whoever this woman is...
...and get out.
If we can't hire Jonathan,
maybe at least we can buy her out.
I don't know about you,
but I've always wanted to make love...
...in the ladies' shoe department.
The smell of fine leather.
Can I show you something in your size?
You mean you took me serious?
You're gonna pay for that.
Stop it! Don't!
Mayday, Rambo.
Okay, boy.
Okay. Show 'em what you're made of.
Go get 'em!
Rambo! This way!
This means a court-martial!
You hear that? That must be them.
I wish it was us.
Come on. We've got them.
-Give up?
You are one sick puppy.
So this is the young lady
he dumped you for?
I really should have listened
when he asked me for help.
Tell me,
when you were making love to him...
...did you ever scream,
"Don't stop, woody"?
My camera.
No, this is how I get my inspiration.
I create.
I can tell by looking at you,
you're not the artistic type.
You know, Mr. Richards told me
to keep an eye on you, but...
...I think I'm gonna handle things...
...my own way.
You want to move your sweetheart?
That one was for Rambo.
Switcher, this is for my Mama!
Switcher, I'm gonna knock you
into the middle of next week!
How'd you do that?
I was standing behind him,
he didn't see me.
Teach him to mess with
a man and his mannequin.
Where'd you go?
This is your last chance.
We take him or we die trying!
I did it! I flew!
I really flew!
-Are you all right?
-Terrific, incredible, I feel great!
Did you see how high I was?
I just had a thought.
You think we should
name our first kid Pinocchio?
...are you sure this is right for you?
I'm positive.
What about you?
You've waited a long time.
How do you know you're not missing
something better 5,000 years later?
Nothing could ever be better
than being here with you.
This is one guy...
...who's never gonna leave your side.
The window!
Come on.
It's almost sunrise.
We can't possibly finish it!
Don't worry about a thing.
But we'll never dress
the mannequins in time!
That's right!
Absolutely scintillating!
Beyond genius!
It sucks.
I don't believe it's lunch yet.
Let's not dally.
What happened?
Why don't you tell me?
Where's Rambo?
It's that Switcher.
I caught him doing awful things
to a half-naked dummy.
is this your idea of a security guard?
-I assure you I had nothing to do--
-You hired him, you fire him.
What if he's telling the truth?
How can you think that?
The man is a lunatic,
but I've never known him to lie.
He's absolutely right.
Mr. Richards, this store
has never been more successful.
It's all due to Jonathan Switcher.
He can put a rubber glove on his head
and run naked in the store yelling:
"Hi, I'm a squid!"
Hi. 'Morning, Mrs. T.
Hello, Jonathan.
This morning's window
is your most brilliant yet.
Thank you. What happened here?
God only knows.
Felix, did you try and take
Omaha Beach all by yourself, again?
-I was doing what Mr. Richards told me to.
-I never said anything.
Is that right? Richards...
...when you take Felix
to get his last paycheck...
...get your own as well.
Mrs. Timkin,
you may be our grande dame...
...but I've had serious doubts...
...about a woman your age
running this store.
I'll appeal to the

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