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You are magic.
Where do they hide all the musicians?
-Come on, let's dance!
-No. I can't.
Shake that thing!
Great. I want you to meet somebody.
This is Emmy.
Very nice.
Maybe I can get G.I. Joe,
and we can double sometime.
No! You don't understand. She--
Don't say nothing. It's cool.
It's obvious to this country girl
that you're an A-number one creative freak.
Imagine pretending to be a stock boy
when you're a major artiste.
I am so jealous.
Some people may find you strange,
but not me. I respect that.
Create, honey, create!
I'll leave you two alone
and go meet Albert for dinner.
-I hope he doesn't mind.
Just when I think you're real, you vanish.
What's with you?
-What's with me?
-Didn't I tell you?
You're the only one
who can see me like this.
-That's not exactly fair, is it?
-Talk to them.
Do you hear something?
Wait a minute.
Okay, you Rambo, get ready.
What? Stay there!
Easy, Felix. I don't think she's armed.
You can fool Rambo,
but it won't work with me, Switcher!
My brain is quicker than a--
I think that we've outdone ourselves.
Yeah, this one's kind of fun.
-Let her rip.
Very nice.
-Good morning, Mrs. T.
-Good morning, Jonathan.
What do you think?
It's hot, there's gonna be meltdown.
Yes! Hot, smoking,
burning, churning, whatever!
Oh yes!
Hi, Jonathan. Hi.
It's me, Roxie.
I thought you weren't talking to me.
I wanted to see you.
I want to know you're all right.
I gotta get some sleep.
I work nights now, okay?
All right, but get up in time for lunch.
I'm taking you to Chez Jacques at 1:00.
You know where it is.
Yeah, I was fired from that place once,
I almost burned that joint down.
It'll be just like old times.
And please don't stand me up again.
Yeah, okay.
He'll be there.
Love that gal.
Hi, Tony.
Hi, Hans!
I see you're wearing the nighttime
hair at lunch now. Looks good.
It's you.
The flambe terrorist.
Will you not be satisfied
till you burn the whole place down?
It was an accident.
I tried to show the customer a little flair.
-You're here to dine?
-That's right, old boy!
By the way,
the eyebrows are growing back nice.
Sorry I'm late, I overslept.
That's okay. You're only an hour late.
Just glad you made it.
I love this place. It's so romantic.
Yeah! Boy, they did a good job
rebuilding the balcony.
It went up like a Roman candle.
it seems like I was all wrong about you.
And I have a way of making it up for you.
How would you like to be
the chief window dresser at Illustra?
You're kidding.
Word is out, Jonathan. You're hot.
Can you imagine being at Illustra?
-They want me?
-We want you.
What if I told you I had a little help?
Fine. There's two of you?
You can bring him along.
And what if I told you
it was a very beautiful woman?
I wouldn't mind. Not in the least.
I can't do it.
-Monday, we'll work together.
-You're not listening.
You can drive me to work.
I miss that quirky little motorcycle
of yours.
-I'm not taking the job.
-What? Why not?
If I'm one thing, I'm Ioyal.
you're not seriously turning me down?
I'm not the same guy I used to be.
I finally found a place where I belong.
I'll see you around.
I got it! Don't panic! It's just a little one!
Bye, Roxie!
There's something strange...
...going on in the store
at night, Mr. Richards.
Every time Rambo sees a mannequin,
he gets so scared...
...his little pug tail
comes right out his little mouth.
-Felix, you were in the war, weren't you?
-Airborne. Yes, sir!
Did you jump out of a plane
and land on your face?
Yes, sir!
I don't see what it has to do with Rambo.
Isn't it obvious
Switcher is behind all of this?
That skunk!
An eternal failure is putting together
the most magnificent displays in town.
The bum.
You say you hear voices,
there's no one there.
Just him and his dummies.
Is someone helping him?
Is he a ventriloquist?
Some kind of mad

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