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...are you sure this is right for you?
I'm positive.
What about you?
You've waited a long time.
How do you know you're not missing
something better 5,000 years later?
Nothing could ever be better
than being here with you.
This is one guy...
...who's never gonna leave your side.
The window!
Come on.
It's almost sunrise.
We can't possibly finish it!
Don't worry about a thing.
But we'll never dress
the mannequins in time!
That's right!
Absolutely scintillating!
Beyond genius!
It sucks.
I don't believe it's lunch yet.
Let's not dally.
What happened?
Why don't you tell me?
Where's Rambo?
It's that Switcher.
I caught him doing awful things
to a half-naked dummy.
is this your idea of a security guard?
-I assure you I had nothing to do--
-You hired him, you fire him.
What if he's telling the truth?
How can you think that?
The man is a lunatic,
but I've never known him to lie.
He's absolutely right.
Mr. Richards, this store
has never been more successful.
It's all due to Jonathan Switcher.
He can put a rubber glove on his head
and run naked in the store yelling:
"Hi, I'm a squid!"
Hi. 'Morning, Mrs. T.
Hello, Jonathan.
This morning's window
is your most brilliant yet.
Thank you. What happened here?
God only knows.
Felix, did you try and take
Omaha Beach all by yourself, again?
-I was doing what Mr. Richards told me to.
-I never said anything.
Is that right? Richards...
...when you take Felix
to get his last paycheck...
...get your own as well.
Mrs. Timkin,
you may be our grande dame...
...but I've had serious doubts...
...about a woman your age
running this store.
I'll appeal to the board.
I can't imagine
you're appealing to anybody.
Don't mess with this old chick, mister.
Just pack it up.
Jonathan, let's go.
And get that dog out of the tree.
You can't do this!
We'll file a grievance with the union!
You're not in a union, you idiot.
Hi there, Jonathan.
I didn't know you were in there.
Excuse me.
That's lovely.
What the hell are you people doing?
Have you seen the latest figures, children?
89 percent.
Sales are down 89 percent!
Prince and Company
is going through the roof!
All right.
Now, I want this to stop, children.
And if it doesn't, so help me God!
You are all dead meat!
Jonathan, it is my honor to inform you
that starting Monday morning...
...you'll be the youngest vice president
ever at Prince and Company.
-Hear, hear!
-I don't know what to say.
-Say, "Thank you."
Thank you!
Long live Prince and Company.
Son of a gun.
So, Richards was telling the truth.
I've been in this business 20 years.
Hell, half the guys in this store
probably wear lace underwear...
...but, this....
We're talking a Sunday drive
into some serious dementia.
It's our move now.
I'd do anything for Illustra...
...but these pictures could
kind of ruin his life.
Roxie, I'd never ruin anyone's life.
I would,
but only if it were absolutely necessary.
Roxie, you're not developing
a conscience on me, are you?
No, I don't think so.
Anyway, I don't want to ruin his life...
...I just want to hire him.
...now I know how.
Hi, Gord.
-Miss Thomas, hi.
-Please, Jonathan, it's all yours.
-Thanks. Men's room is broken.
-Of course, dear, whatever you say.
-Thank you.
You won't believe what Mrs. Timkin
and the board just told me.
-Vice president.
-Jonathan, that's wonderful!
Tina, Moni,
he's talking to the dummy again.
Nobody deserves it more.
I knew this would happen for you.
Creative freedom, practically my own boss,
maybe some World Series tickets.
All right, I'm sorry. I'm going on and on.
I couldn't do this without you.
I won't take the job
unless we can be together.
...you can't worry
about what will happen to us.
What does that mean?
Girls, please, let's not be catty.
I simply will not tolerate

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