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We'll build the best Illustra yet
on that site.
And when I move up...
...someone will have to take my place here.
I'll be keeping my eye on you.
B.J.! You won't believe it!
Prince and Company has
the most incredible window.
I'm talking fabu.
People were lined up outside to get a peek.
At what?
I passed it coming back
from the tanning session.
It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
You know, it really wasn't that great.
It was interesting.
In a jejune way, at best.
I didn't care for it myself.
You know...
You should have seen it!
It was beyond brilliant!
There was 20 mannequins
with tennis rackets coming out of...
Beej, he's just a twerpy stock boy!
That window was a fluke.
When I move up,
somebody will have to take my place here.
But if you let that stock boy screw
things up, it sure won't be you.
I've worked on this deal too long
to have it ruined by some snot-nosed punk.
I can handle him.
I meant you!
Of course you did.
But you know that the board meeting...
...is today.
I guarantee the sale will go through.
Under your inspired leadership,
Illustra will reach new heights. So we...
Where in the hell did you learn
to kiss ass like that?
Did you take a class?
No, sir. That's a God-given gift.
Beej? B.J., are you there?
We'd all love to know what possessed
Switcher to create such a window display.
Did you see those crowds
gaping on the sidewalk?
It's an embarrassment!
Never you fear, your Hollywood is here.
Rumor Control has it that the board
wants to fire your little behind.
You let me in there at those so-and-sos.
I'll straighten them out, tout de suite.
How can they think of firing you?
They're business people.
They won't appreciate an emotional appeal.
You're right.
I was hoping to avoid this,
but this is an hour of desperation.
This is not the way to approach this, okay?
You don't think so?
Please don't tell anyone
you saw me dressed like this.
I have a reputation to uphold.
My lips are sealed.
I appreciate this demonstration.
That's it! A demonstration!
I'll create a media event.
Call the newspaper, boys and girls.
The headline will read:
"If Jonathan is fired, Hollywood flies."
Excuse me while I step out
onto the window ledge.
Come on.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- I do get carried away sometimes.
- No, not you.
That Richards, he gives men a bad name!
No! Mr. Richards
said he was gonna fix everything for me.
What arrogance!
That worm of a stock boy has created
an affront to the dignity of this store.
I'll have it taken down immediately...
...and make sure that lunatic
never works in this town again.
What say,
shall we move on to the sale to Illustra?
Just a minute, Mr. Richards.
I believe we're onto something here.
Maybe people will come to see
our bold, new window displays.
If they come to look, they'll stay to buy.
With all due respect,
Mrs. Timkin, it's a little late for that.
And we do have the firm offer from Illustra.
For one tenth the value of the store!
Besides, I can't bear the thought
of selling this place...
...especially to that awful B.J. Wert.
We know how much
the store means to you, ma'am...
...but, 10 percent is better than bankruptcy.
I think Mrs. Timkin is right.
I move we postpone the sale for six weeks.
I second the motion.
All in favor?
All opposed?
This meeting is adjourned.
- Harris, would you bring Mr. Switcher in?
- What? No, wait.
I think...
Good news.
We've not only decided to keep you on...
...but I'm promoting you
to visual merchandiser.
You're kidding! That's great!
What is it?
Just keep doing what you did last night
and you'll be fine.
I'm not sure I can do it again.
Last night might have been
a one-time inspiration.
Don't doubt yourself. Go with it. Feel it.
You're doing the job you were meant to do.
You must lead a charmed life.
It was all I could do
to save your skin in here.
No thanks are necessary.
Good evening, Mr. Richards,
Манекен Манекен

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