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who I am.
No, this can't be happening.
I know! The sign, the electricity.
My brain synapse, it was destroyed.
I felt so sorry for you last night.
You looked so lost and lonely.
Last night, you saw me?
No. You can't be her.
When you made me,
didn't you feel inspiration?
Almost like your hands were being moved
by a force not of this world?
You made this body
so that I could come to life!
Am I in the twilight zone or am I just nuts?
I'm so glad I picked you!
I'm gonna create someone
who doesn't like me?
So, tell me your life story.
It seems to have slipped my mind.
It's a long story.
See, I was born in 2514 B.C. In Edfu, Egypt.
- I'll be 4,501 next April.
- I'll bake a cake.
Back then, I wasn't allowed to do anything.
Do you know I was supposed to marry?
- Who?
- A camel dung dealer.
Would have been my guess. I'm stressed.
I'm having a hallucination caused by stress.
Does this feel like a hallucination?
Come on, let's go have some fun.
Food additives. It's food additives.
Come on!
Except for early morning clouds...
...the weather for the Greater Philadelphia
area should remain the same...
Damn him.
...with a slight increase in temperature.
The things I could've done
with these tools!
- You like to work with your hands?
- Yes. I love to build and invent things.
- Back in Edfu, I even made a pair of wings.
- And I'm sure you flew.
That's right. Almost.
You still don't believe I'm real, do you?
I'm open for discussion.
Why don't we stick to good,
old-fashioned hand tools for now.
- You've got good hands.
- Thank you.
I like the way they felt
when you were putting me together.
Tonight we'll do something different
and special.
Something this store
has never seen before.
I wish you didn't look so worried.
Easy for you to say.
As a mannequin, you'll always have work.
Me, I'm gonna wind up
in the nuthouse after this.
I wonder if insanity is covered
in the employee health plan?
That's the dress
I should wear in the window.
Don't do that.
You weren't so shy
when you were creating me.
You weren't so real.
Good God, who are you?
Good morning, boys and girls.
I don't see Zingy.
She just bit smiling Alan.
You look foxy! Can I ride you?
- I'll be walking to work. Thank you.
- No! Don't be silly!
I thought our plans were for 8:00 last night.
My mistake.
- I've got to talk to you.
- We have nothing to talk about.
Take a hike, wussy pants.
Something happened last night.
I'm going crazy.
I saw things that couldn't have happened.
Where were you?
You look like you slept in the street.
- Prince and Company.
- Prince and Company! Your big job!
You know the mannequin that I made?
She's there. She came to life.
She knew who I was.
You could have told me
you just decided to stand me up.
Instead, you come here to me
lying with this ridiculous story!
No, I'm not lying, I'm insane.
Armand, let's get out of here.
Mom, when I was growing up,
did I ever do anything really strange?
Yeah, I know I was always different.
Let me ask you this:
Is there any history of insanity
in the family?
I mean, Grandma...
Grandma and Grandpa weren't
half-brother and sister?
No, I'm fine, Ma.
You know, you're alone a lot.
You start inventing things.
Women, you know, a beautiful woman...
Enough about me. How are you?
You ever have hallucinations?
This is America.
You do not set the pace by redecorating.
- You demolish.
- Of course. I'll remember that.
We'll build the best Illustra yet
on that site.
And when I move up...
...someone will have to take my place here.
I'll be keeping my eye on you.
B.J.! You won't believe it!
Prince and Company has
the most incredible window.
I'm talking fabu.
People were lined up outside to get a peek.
At what?
I passed it coming back
from the tanning session.
It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
You know, it really wasn't that great.
It was interesting.
In a jejune way, at best.
I didn't care for
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